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15, Male Student ID: 198INSP139JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



First of all, thank you for considering me to spend a year in your home.

My name is Pablo. I´m fifteen years old. I´m from Spain. My family and friends describe me as a cheerful, kind and friendly boy.

I was born in a small town in the South of Spain. I live with my parents, my brother and my dog. It is a nice town with a beautiful beach. The weather is fantastic, temperatures are soft during all year, 320 sunny days and temperatures of 23ºC. In summer I can go to the beach with my family and friends. I like snorkeling and playing shovels. There´s a skiing station near my city and in February we usually go there for snowboarding.

My family is very important for me. I love them. We are very close and if I need them, they are always there. We spend a lot of time together. We enjoy watching a movie on Saturday night or going to the cinema. My mum is very sweet and kind. She is an economist, she works in a car dealership. She works very hard. She always helps my brother and me with the homework when we have a doubt. She likes cooking and reading. My father is an architect. He´s clever, sensible and hardworking. He likes playing soccer. His favourite soccer team is Real Madrid. Mine too.

My brother is 12 years old. His name is Ramon. He is cheerful, happy and really funny. He is crazy for “Star Wars films”. We have a lot of fun when we are together. I like playing videogames with him and I also play online with my friends. My brother and me play tennis in a tennis club twice a week.

Most of my relatives live in my city too: my grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt. My grandfather live in other town, so we visit him in summer and at Christmas.

My dog is called Kote. It is a lovely, sweet and white little dog. My parents gave it to me for my birthday 3 years ago. It has been the best present I´ve ever had. I love it. I am really going to miss it. When we go for a walk, it likes running. It´s very fast.

Talking about school, I love science subjects but I am very interested in History too. I like learning about different cultures in the past from different countries. I like Mathematics and Chemistry. I´m responsible with my studies and homework. Teachers are happy with me. In the future, I´m not sure about what I want to study. I would like to study something related to sports or Chemistry or be a Mathematics teacher.

I´m a very active boy, thin, not very tall and a little absent-minded. I love tennis and soccer. I practice tennis twice a week since I was 8 years old. I like it very much and it makes me happy. It´s a very good part of my life. I play in a tennis club where I met a lot of friends. Sometimes, I play matches and go to competitions. I would like to continue practicing tennis while I spend a school year with you if it would be possible. I also love playing soccer with my schoolmates. It really enjoys me. My favourite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus team.

I think that friends are also important. I like sharing time with them. Sometimes we walk around the town, have something to eat or play videogames.

In my daily routine I make my bed, I go for a walk with my dog and we all help my mother to set the table and to pick up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. We have breakfast and dinner together every day. My mother cook Mediterranean food. My favourite food is rice, chicken, pasta and fruit but I don´t like vegetables.

In summer I usually travel to a beautiful island of Spain called Mallorca with my family.

In July I also use to spend a week with my school friends and teachers in the countryside. They teach us to share, to help each other and values about friendship and respect.

I want to study one year in the USA because I want to improve my English and I love travelling, learning new cultures and meeting new people. I also want to share things about my culture and my country with you.

I would be very happy to have an american brother or sister. It would be also great if could play tennis or soccer in an american team.

So this is me, thank you for being my host family. I´m wishing to spend a school year with you.

See you soon!

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