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Pak (Mathias)

15, Male Student ID: 198CEHK007JYM Hong Kong

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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LETTER FROM Pak (Mathias)

Pak (Mathias)

My name is Mathias. I am 15 and going to be 16 in the fall. My family and I are very close, we usually share our feelings and such at night before we sleep. We also have dinner every day together to stay connected. They usually bring me to the church on Sunday but I only go sometimes still I pray every night. My brother and I are very close too, even though we have arguments sometimes, we usually forget it after a few minutes. I also love to play video games with my brother in our free time.

I usually go home and play video games with my friends when I don’t have much to do such as homework. Sometimes, I go swimming or jogging with my friends, I also listen to music and watch science-related videos on YouTube. In school, I often ask my teachers and friends to help me get better results because Chinese is quite challenging for me and most of my subjects are in Chinese. I am not a talkative person so I do not have many friends but I do have some very close and good friends. I also want to learn about horse riding and archery because it looks amazing and challenging.

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for hosting me again.

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