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15, Male Student ID: 198AYTH008JYM Thailand

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First of all I would like to introduce myself, I go by Ohm and I am 15 years old. I am currently studying high school, my major is Science and Mathematics. This major is pretty difficult to study but I enjoy studying them especially Mathematics.

In my free time I love playing volleyball with my friend, it helps me relieve from the stress of the hard subjects like Mathematics and Physics. When I was junior high school I always took part in the volleyball competitions and I also won the first prize at my school’s competition. That made me so proud of myself. After I finish my class I usually play videogame or volleyball with my friends at school but I think I am better at videogame than volleyball so volleyball is my favorite sport.

Last year I was a student exchange at China for 1 month. That was my first time for being a student exchange. I can speak Chinese and can communicate but not very well.

I think I need to improve my various skills but the first thing I could do now is English because today, being a student, I realize an importance of English language. Every day our life gives us a chance to reach a new highs and it is our choice to use this golden opportunity or not. I have made my choice and used this chance to get a good education abroad. It motivates me to strive for my brilliant future and have come to an idea that I want to be an exchange student in the USA. it gives a perfect possibility to expand the borders of my knowledge. Also it will give me a perfect opportunity to share piece of my culture and traditions with students from other countries. It will give a chance to solve my problems do it by myself. It will make me stronger. Learning about other country from inside out will give me a chance to be a participant of their social life. It will influence my self-education and self-improvement which is one of the most essential parts of personal and professional targets.

I know that it will be difficult for me to study abroad but I will try to adapt and do my best in studying. Thank you for reading my letter and looking forward from you.