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16, Male Student ID: 198AYTH029JYM Thailand

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LETTER FROM Pannathorn


My name is Pannathorn. My nickname is GOOD, I was an only child. Now, I study in grade 10. I like to study Math and English, I don’t like to study History. When I was an elementary school pupil, my parents sent me to study at boarding school. At that time, I had two Hamsters as my pet but they passed away in 6 months later. After that, my parents don’t allow me to have any pet at home. Even though I love dog and cat. I don’t like Insects. When I was a student at grade 4, I was study English with Filipino and American teacher. However, I’m shy to speak English because I’m afraid to speaking with wrong accent.

My father is a police officer. He work at a police station in Phitsanulok province. He stay with my grandpa and grandma at our home in Phitsanulok. My mother is a lecturer at University. She teaches biology. Now I live with my mother. In weekend, my father always come to live with us.

I have many Japanese comic books. I like Japanese animation such as Doraemon, Detective Conan, Assassination Class, Anohana, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece. My hobby is old coin collection. I like to play tennis, swimming and cooking in free time. I can cook Thai Food such as fried rice with shrimp, tom yum kung, fried basil and pork. When I was student in grade 4, I began to learn swimming. When I was student in grade 7, I began to learn to play tennis. Sometimes I help my parents to do housework such as sweep the house, wash the dishes and gardening.

I love the beach. When I was student in grade 5, I went to Oasis sea world in Chanthaburi. The Oasis sea world have Dolphin Show, a dolphin sprayed water on me. In grade 7, I went to Sukhothai Historical Park with school trip. I rode bicycle around the park, and in grade 8, I went to Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park with school trip. In grade 9, I went to Ayuthataya water market with school trip too. This summer, my family and I went to Sattahip and Samaesarn Island. We bought a lot of seafood to eat at hotel. The next day we went to Samaesarn Island. We did snorkeling and canoeing.

In future, I would like to be a medical doctor and Chef. When I heard about the international exchange program from my friend, I really interested. Then I asked my mom to apply for this program and took an exam. I would like to join this program because I want to find something new to life, and I want to know what the society in the opposite side of my place is like. I want to see new environment. I want an experience that I do not meet often.

Thank you for reading my story until the end and thank you in advance to give me the chance.

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