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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Paolo, I’m sixteen and will turn seventeen soon. I’m the fourth of four siblings: Alice (21), Camilla (19) Giovanni (18) and me. I am very patient and easy going, so I get along with all of them and nothing actually bothers me.

My mum is a Primary School teacher and my dad is a lawyer. He works a lot, but my mum has been mostly home with us. They’re both very devoted to family and us, indeed they spent most of their time off following our sports and activities (Dad still does it with me). Our weekends are always busy with church stuff, soccer matches and homework, as in Italy we go to school six days a week! Most of my cousins also live around here and, as we are very close in age, we are friends before being relatives. We weekly meet at grandma’s and we often end up being very many at those meetings, as Granny is a lot better than Mum in the kitchen.

My High School is an technical one where we mainly study mechatronics, mechanics, maths and physics. Unfortunately, all of this includes a lot of theory and a very little practice, when it should be the other way around. I have a very close group of friends from church, we gather on Sunday evenings for Bible studying and pizza night. I enjoy hanging around with them but I also like meeting new people, hearing about different experiences and lives. Being always us could become boring at times, considering we also go to the same school.

About me: I easily make friends as I am kind and thoughtful. At first, I may seem closed or reserved, but it’s just that I like listening more than speaking and also I can be a little bit shy at times. People often tell me I’m a good listener and they feel comfortable with me. I’m glad of that.

I think I should improve my self confidence and my English, as I am the worst speaker of my siblings (my brother is the typical talkative and loud Italian and both my sisters and even my mum in the last century have been exchange students in the U.S. and say my English is awful… They are helping me to write this profile!). For my placement I would probably fit better in a large family like the one I come from and I would also enjoy a double placement, as I am used to be surrounded by a lot of people.

My goal for this year is to build a good relationship with my host family and make new good friends, available to be patient with my English; to experience new opportunities and to challenge myself out of my comfort zone.

As for sports, I’ve always been very sporty, I’ve been playing soccer since I was a child and I’ve played in a professional team for 3 years in Junior High. In Itlay soccer is such a big deal that it’s basically impossible to practise any other sport meanwhile, but in the US I hope to have the chance to experience something new too, as I like most sports.

In my free time I like to have my friends over for dinner or a movie, hang around town, play video games or go for thrift shopping.

Travelling and discovering new places and their people is also something that well suits me. My family has always enjoyed spending our summers visiting different Countries in Europe, especially in the north, but I personally enjoy vacations at the seaside too, as we have so many beautiful beaches here in Italy and a sunny warm weather for many months of the year.

So, this is pretty much me. I’m really looking forward to meet you and to know everything about who you are and how you live in that corner of the world.

Thank you for reading my letter and talk very soon, I hope!

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