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17, Female Student ID: 218INSP428JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Pau, I’m a 17 year old boy. In this letter I will talk about me, my family and the reasons why I want to live this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I will describe myself as a happy person with a great sense of humour, I’m smiley and I think one of the best things in life is laughing. Also I’m a very calm person and a little bit shy.

I’m an only son, my parents got divorced when I was three years old, they get along very well and live in different cities, so every other weekend and on vacation I take the high speed train to go to my Dad’s home.

My father lives in a big coastal city, he has a real estate agency, is 45 years old and is the oldest of three brothers, they all live in the same city. I have a very good relationship with my father, we like to travel, eating at Japanese restaurants, going to the soccer stadium of the city team and going to the beach. We have two dogs, I enjoy playing with them, they are very big but good and friendly.

My mother and I live in a city 186 miles away from my father’s. There is where I go to high school. My mom works as dentist assistant, she is 50 years old and is the oldest of four siblings, they all live in different cities around the country. We live with our cat, his name is Corleone, like the Godfather’s main character. We like to play board games, watching series and movie, going downtown to enjoy our favorite restaurants and being with our family.

I’m at a bilingual high school in which this year we learn geography, history, biology and geology in English. My high school has around 800 students and goes from 12 to 18 years old, we have many extra social and sport activities after school such as photography, music instrument classes, basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball and many others. Besides English we can learn other languages like French, Japanese, German or Italian. Classes start at 8:30 am and we finish at 2:30 pm but one day a week that we go out at 3:30 pm. We have six classes of 50 minutes and two breaks, one lasts 25 minutes and the other 15.

Most of my friend are from high school, I get along very well with everybody in my grade but I have a group of closest friend with whom I like to hang out. We usually go to the cinema, to the mall or going to someone’s house, we also like playing PS4 games together such as FIFA 20 and table games like Risk.

During the week a normal day in my life starts early in the morning, I wake up at 7:00 am. High school starts at 8:30 am, two hours later we have the first break of 25 minutes in which normally we play soccer, then we have two more lessons and the second break of 15 minutes in which we eat some food, I like to have a piece of fruit. At 2:30 pm we finish our lessons and I usually go walking to my grandparents’ house, after having lunch with them I do my homework and study for exams. Two days a week I go to paddle tennis classes in a sports club to which I belong since I was little, it is a big place in the nature in which you can practice a big variety of sports and a very nice place to be in the summer with my friends and family, in this club I have practiced soccer, tennis, swimming and paddle. At the end of the day I have dinner with my mom, then we spend some time together and I go to sleep.

During the weekend I like to spend time with my friends and family, play online games, go downtown with my friends, going to the cinema and watching soccer, some weekends we travel to visit my mom’s siblings who live in other cities. Every other weekend I take the high speed train to go to my dad’s house, there I usually visit my grandparents, cousins and the rest of the family, I have a really big family there, we like to play table tennis and enjoy barbecues, sometimes we go to the local soccer team stadium to watch the game. Also during the weekends I enjoy watching other sports, I’m fond of NBA games which I’m not able to enjoy during the week because of the time difference.

I want to live this amazing experience for so many reasons, first of all and besides I will improve my English for sure, I want to be part of your family, I would like you to share your culture and traditions with me, I want to be part of the community and the high school life and make many friends there, I expect this relationships will last forever. I also want to share with you the culture and traditions from my country. My mom and my aunts and uncle were exchange students in the USA, I have always heard stories of their life and families over there, so this is another reason why I want to live this experience.

The only experience I have had living with a host family in a foreign country was In England when I was 12 years old, all my grade classmates traveled to southern England to attend an English school for a week, there we were hosted in couples by local families, in addition to going to English classes we visited London and Brighton.

Most of my daily meals are with my family, some with my grandparents, some with my mom since at high school I only have a snack. We normally eat very healthy and homemade meals, my dad is great cook and he is teaching me how to make some typical dishes from my country so I will make them to you. Usually I don’t cook and if I am home alone and I have to make my meal I would prepare something easy.

In my summer vacations I always travel with my father to different countries, I have been in Croatia, Greece, Italy, England, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Andorra, I really enjoy traveling, visiting new places, learning about new cultures and trying different foods. One of my favourite countries is Croatia because of the fantastic beaches and the delicious food, specially fishes.

To finish I would like to thank you for the opportunity you are giving me of being part of your family, your community and your country. I really appreciate your generosity for taking care of me during this time. I’m looking forward to knowing you.

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