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15, Female Student ID: 198SPSP144JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Paula, I am fifteen years old. I was born in a large city of Spain. Now I live in a small village near of this city.

I´m studying 4º E.S.O (it is like grade 10) at school. Although my qualifications are not excellent I consider myself a responsible and applied person. I try very hard in everything that I do, I always try to set goals for better results

This experience is a challenge that I want to live thanks to the effort of my family. I hope to get a better level of english, to know a new culture, to live a new experience and enjoy with the family that chooses me.

My family is not very big, currently I live with my mother, with her partner, and with my pet, called Zoe, it’s a dog of the breed Golden Retriever, and it is very lovely. I have an older brother too, he is called Alejandro, but since I was little I call him Tate. He lives in Barcelona for work and he sometimes visit us

My mother is divorced since many years, and she has always fought for my brother and for myself with a lot of love and effort. She is our example of overcoming

I have more relatives too, my father lives nearby but we see him a few times. Abu (my grandmother) and Paco (my uncle) have a good relationship with me and I am very lucky to live near them, and we see each other frequently. My family is very important to me and I feel very lucky to have them.

Right now I only have a dog but before we had many animals like turtles, squirrels, frogs, fishes, hamsters…I love animals and play with them

In my free time I usually take a walk with my dog Zoe, listen to music, watch TV, make crafts, go out with my friends, cook… I like also to dance, to go shopping, to travel, to take pictures, to meet people,etc

I like to practice sport, just now I only play volleyball and tennis but previously I practiced sports like skating, ice skating, hockey, swimming, basketball, riding horse, modern dance

Last year my team and I won the volley tournament of my town. It was great!

Normally I listen pop music or reggae music some of my favourite singers are: Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Manuel Turizo, Ozuna

I love to live in a continuous learning and live a lot of experiences.

I consider myself a nice person, responsible, happy, lovely…

I love children so much and I enjoy a lot been with them. I like children since I was very young because my mother is a teacher and sometimes I helped her

I think this experience is amazing, and I think I will know how to enjoy this opportunity.

I hope to get a good level of english, become part of a host family, know a new culture and new customs, get out of my comfort zone and grow on a personal level

Thanks for giving me this opportunity and opening your home to me

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