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16, Female Student ID: 198BWTH011JYF Thailand

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LETTER FROM Paweethida


HELLO. Please let me introduce myself. My name’s Paweethida, you can call me ‘Som-O’. (Pomelo in English XD)

I was born in Thailand. Now I’m 15 years (but I will be 16 in the USA), I study in grade 10 (Science-Math). In my family has 4 people (Dad, Mom, me and naughty boy.) My hobby’s listening to music, read novel or hangout with my friend, but I like to stay at home most. My fav sport’s badminton but I like to exercise like the trainer by channel in YouTube (I like indoor more than outdoor sports). My fav place in Thailand is Sanam Chan Palace because I think this place has many interesting when I tried with something and I go to this place I think I have more power to try with something it make me tried. Thailand isn’t big country but has a smart and benevolent King and has many strong and patient soldier, so I think about it I must to patient more and more.

And about my friend, my friend told me every time, I have positive thinking I’m proud with myself so much and I’m always deeply grateful my family because they takes care and teach me to be good child. My personality’s habits’s I don’t like to see anything disorganized, I always organize home (my home in Thailand duty about organize home is me XD). If u choose me will not worry about food because I’m not allergies anything! Haha.

My daily routine, I think my day quite boring because subject I learn is harder than another program (in my thinking). My daily just have only learn, eat, exercise and sleep. I’m friendly but first time we met I maybe not lots of talks because I’m concerned about ma speech but I promise I will develop my self. And you don’t have to worry about bad behaviors because I will obey you. I’m confident I can do your rule’s home of course!. My personality is good for learning new culture and I’m interesting in your culture and language. I feel exciting about going aboard for me would be the best experience to work in the future. And I’m confident I will get many experience, new thinking make me grow up and better than now.

Thank you very much for reading this file if it has wrong about the word or speech is not correct I apologize. Nice to meet you my new family.

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