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Puriwat (Paul)

16, Male Student ID: 218AYTH423JYM Thailand

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Football (Soccer)
Running or Jogging
LETTER FROM Puriwat (Paul)

Puriwat (Paul)

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to whomever that will soon be my host parents. My name is “Puriwat” and my nick name is “Paul“. I am 16 years of age and now attending the tenth grade. I live in Thailand with my family. Chiangmai is a very beautiful province and also the capital of the northern part of Thailand. Chiangmai is about 750 kilometers from Bangkok and about 200 kilometers south of Myanmar. Chiangmai is famous for its tourism. There are many interesting things here. It is also called the northern cultural center of Thailand.

I was born in a very warm and understanding family. I have a sister. I am the eldest child of the family. My parents are agriculturalists and they have an agribusiness in the small suburb. My sister is now attending in the fourth grade. My daily routine includes helping my mother around the house. My mother is a great cook but sometimes she gets a break by going out to dinner.

I am an easy-going young man, adaptable, responsible, honest and get along well with all my friends and classmates. I often participate all kinds of school activities. English is my favorite subject. I study English every day and, my education results have been above average. I love playing chess and checker. My favorite sports are soccer and kick boxing.

I have been dreaming ever since I was a child that I would like to have a chance to visit other countries especially The United States of America to improve my English in both speaking and writing. During my stay I wish to gain more experience. I must be prepared and get ready for my coming future. There are many interesting things about this country such as people, custom, culture and languages. People are nice and friendly. The country is beautiful and peaceful. Friendship means a lot to me. I like to have friends everywhere I go. I want to learn experience from friends which will help me to improve myself in so many ways. I would like to disseminate and tell friends about Thailand, culture, custom, lifestyle of Thai people and Thai food which is very popular worldwide.

Finally, thank you very much for being my host parents and fulfilling my dream.

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