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15, Female Student ID: 198AYTH024JYF Thailand

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



I am Radisna. My nickname is Dina. I’m a Thai girl. I’m 15 years old and buddhist. I studying in grade 9. I love nature and simple. I like to eat chocolate, brownie, fruits and vegetables. I like to travels. My family often goes to the countryside, mountains and sea for holidays. I sing a song on freetime. I like to draw artworks, take photos of the places and post at Instagram.

On vacation day, maybe I help work and enjoy at my parents’ shop. I play sports especially team sports or many players play together. I’m a good listener, so many people think of being shy. My english is not very good but I have been trying and practice for a future. I would like to be a exchange student at America because I like America so much. I think that America is magical and interest for me. There is many various nationality, culture and lifestyle. I want to practice my english, to learn the culture and find life experience. I hope host family that will love me and give an opportunity to being part of your family. I will use my existing potential to make the best and develop better.

Thank you very much