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16, Female Student ID: 208EFFI002JYF Finland

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Drama or Theater


My name is Reetta and I’m sixteen years old. I’m very social, kind, friendly, funny and I have good communication skills. Also I easily get along with different kinds of people.

Right now I go to the gym a few times a week. I have danced for seven years but I quit it like a year ago. I have also taken theatre classes and acted in a theatre. I love it. I also really like swimming and water skiing and I would like to try surfing. I also like to play basketball, hang out with my friends and you know these kinds of basic things.

Right now I go drama school. In my school we can take part on different kinds of drama classes. We can have dance, theatre, speaking and writing classes, music, media lessons and different kinds of classes. Of course we have to go to the basic lessons also like math, biology, history… I live like a 30 minutes away from my school (by subway) in a town.

My family includes my mother, dad, my big sister Roosa who lives in Helsinki in her own apartment, my little brother Elmeri and my dog Kerttu.

I have always thought about going to exchange to somewhere. My mother has been in Texas when she was at my age. I have always wanted to follow her “foot steps” so that’s a one reason why I decided to go exchange. Of course I want to experience the high school life and these kinds of things which aren’t basic here in Finland. I think that exchange year will be a life changing experience and I will always remember it and of course it will teach me how to live life like I want.

I am really excited to meet you! Thank you for hosting me!

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