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Hello dear family,

My name is Rodrigo. I am the youngest of 2 brothers. My eldest brother also has spent a school year in the US and I want to have my own experience!

Every day I get up at 7:30 to prepare for the high school, which starts at 8:30 and ends at 14:30, then when I get home I eat and rest, I study about 1 or 2 hours on a routine basis , although the weeks that I have exams apart from the normal time I dedicate an hour to study the exam. Now with the problem of the pandemic, I go to school half of the day and the other half I follow classes from home in video calls in applications such as meet, skype, discord … although it is very different from what I am used to, I have adapted quite easily since the teachers are always doing it in the best possible way.

In high school my favorite subject is mathematics, although the rest of the subjects are not bad for me. Twice a week I go to lifeguards so that I can get my degree and work in the summer as a lifeguard in pools.

On weekends and some Fridays I go with some friends and spend the afternoon hanging around. Most Saturday mornings I will do orientation to the field which is my hobby and favorite sport, which consists of giving you a map and a compass, and then you have to find points that you have selected on the map, in these competitions the person or team that has completed the circuit fastest wins in the order in which it is required.

On Sundays we usually eat a more special menu as a family than during the week, such as: roast lamb, barbecue ribs, lasagna … the rest of Sunday I go with my friends or I stay playing video games with them.

I have always loved animals, currently I have a pet parakeet which I take out whenever I can and I am playing with him for a while.

The reason why I go to the United States is because I would like to know and visit another country and culture.

Thank you very much.


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