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16, Male Student ID: 198JLFR023JYM France

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Bike Riding
Skiing or Snowboarding


Hello my name is Romain , I am a French student , I am 15 years old and I live in a city in France, located on the west coast

I would like to spend one year in the USA for different reasons : I would like to discover your country, your traditions and experiment an atmosphere different from France. Then, I would like to study the American language because it will help me a lot during my university years and will be useful all along my life. Finally, I am impressed by the business in America and the success of American companies such as Nike, The North Face , Boeing , Apple , Google, Amazone. I feel very attracted by your country.

I like being with my family. I have got a sister, her name is Valentine, she is eighteen and I also have three cousins. I love my parents, I do lot of things with them. With my Dad, I watch western movies, we spend time on his motor boat and we also do water ski. With my Mom, I like cooking some meals, going shop some clothes because I really like fashion.

I also have got two nice cats, Clochette and Cookie. I found Cookie on my Grand-parents ’s land. It is white and black, I really like them both as well as dogs in general.

I am studying at a good school. I really like my school because teachers are very nice with me and I have lot of friends with whom I share activities like body surf, paintball, football, videogames, tennis and parties.

In my life, I like sharing time with friends. I really like discussing with them and help some people who need. I care a lot for people.

I also like traveling with my family because we can discover new countries which are very amazing, know new landscapes, new traditions and new meals.
I also like sports as tennis, alpine ski, water ski, sailing, surfing…and I enjoy sharing sports with someone else.

Food is a great tradition in France so that I like testing good meals.

The News interest me a lot, I like reading on my phone various facts, society and economic events.

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