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16, Female Student ID: 228JLFR026JYF France

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear future host family

First, you must know that I would like to be an exchange student for many reasons:

primary, it is a unique experience that not everybody can live in their life. Next, it is a project I have think about for a long time and I am very determined and sure of myself to leave . Also I would like to come to United States because this is a country where I dream of going since I am a kid and I hope this dream will come true.

I would like to speak English correctly and become bilingual.

Later I want to be air hostess and speaking english will help me a lot.

I have two brothers, my parents are divorced but my brothers and I live every other week with each of them in a apartment.

I am in 10th grade. My school days generally start at eight am and they ended at four pm but each day is different and I go to school five days in a week.

At school I love my friends, lunch time and the breaks but there are also some subjects I like like english of course, mathematics sometimes and economic science. In class I am a little bit talkative but I can stay concentrated at the same time, I like school and I think it’s one of the place where I laugh the most.

If I am not at school, I am at home or in downtown with friends.

Usually when I go out with friends we eat outside after we takeaway food like Mcdonalds or milkshakes, pastries, we do a lot of shopping during many hours, we walk around the streets or we sit in the park and we talk about so many things, we take photos and we laugh together.

I would say that I am a shy girl but I am realy open minded and with me you can talk about everything.

When I am less shy I can talk with everybody and I also love joking for no reason. I can’t wait to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving like you do. I really want to discover your culture and how you live and it would be my pleasure to live all these moments with you as with my own family.

Otherwhise, at home I like cooking because I like eating, I am gourmand and I can’t wait to discovering specialities from your country.

You must know, a few times I like to be alone for a moment.

I like watching movies and series alone or with my family mostly horror movies.

I like listening to different type of music.

I box. I like very much box and athleticism too but I wish I will discover and try some other sports when I will be in USA.

I hope you will choose me !

Thank you !


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