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16, Female Student ID: 228HUSP029JYF Spain

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Hello, I´m Sandra, a student girl of Madrid, Spain. I live in Madrid with my parents and my brother, older than me. I consider myself as a cheerful person, I’m always happy and trying to make happy the people around me. I´m so outgoing and I always make friends where I go. One of my biggest fears is being alone, I don’t like being alone in my house or walking alone on the street. I like listen to music, watch YouTube videos and Netflix. I love go out with friends and talk with them, sing, dance and those things that we do with friends. I´m so excited to live this experience, because I want it since I was a child. I´m a very happy person and always try to help the others. I love travel and knowing new places.

I get along very well with my brother and we´re always laughing, sometimes we argue but it´s the normal between brother and sister. He plays the guitar and he love it. I´m the smallest in our family. My relationship with my parents it´s so nice, I have a lot of trust with them and I love it. My mother and I always talks about life and my father and I always laugh and talk about music.

Here I don´t do sport, when I was younger I did dance, rhythmic gymnastics, roller skating and swimming but I left everyone because I didn´t have time. With school we go a week to skiing two years and I like so much. When I gone to the United States I want to chearleading because it was my dream since when I was a child. If I can´t chearleading I want to skiing because it´s a sport that I love.

Here, when I don´t have to study, I make TikToks and watch Netflix. In my daily life, my parents take me to school and there I´m with my friends and when the school finish, we go to our homes. When I arrive I prepare the table to eat and I eat with my mother and my brother. Then I go to my room and lie on the bed to relax and get some rest. When I wake up, I start to study and when I finish I go to take a shower and to had dinner. After had dinner, if I have finished to study and to do my homework, I go to bed and be with the phone talking with friends or watching a TV show or a Netflix movie.

On the weekend, Friday, I go out with friends and we talk about our lives and we eat some food. We´re usually with music, singing or dancing and that´s so fun! We play soccer or basketball all together for fun. At the finally of the night, we go to had dinner to a some restaurant in our town. On Saturday, I get up late, and go to breakfast, when I finish I go to my room to study or watch some videos. Later, I go to prepare the table to eat and I eat with my parents and my brother. After, each one go to our room and do different things. At 6 o´clock I go to take a shower and at 7 o´clock I go out with my friends and do the same or like what we do on Fridays. Then I come back home and talk with my family and have dinner. On Sunday, I wake up at a normal time and go to breakfast, then I go to my room to study and go to prepare the table to eat. When we finish I go to my bed to relax. When I wake up I finish my homework and go to talk to my mother. Later I go to take a shower and the I have dinner with my brother and my mother. I make my backpack and go to sleep.

At school I´m responsible, I don´t study day by day but normally I have good marks. My favorite subject is English and Technology. In the future I would like to work in realization in audiovisual projects and shows, and to recording and editing videos.

About pets, I love animals and I have always wanted to have a dog because my father when he was younger had so many and I have always said that I wanted one. I think I can live with them very well.

I don´t have any allergies , but I must take a calcium pill every day. Now, I must take it but I don´t know if when I´m there, I must continue.

I have never go out of my country without someone of my family, and I’m a bit nervous but I think I can handle the situation well. I would have liked to have an experience like that, go on summer vacation or something like that, but I couldn´t. So, now, I´m very excited to be able to live this experience. I think that I´m going to adapt there very well, because I wish this since I was a child. As I am so outgoing, I think I´m going to make friends so fast and I´m going to be comfortable with the people there.

For the academic year, I wait learn a lot of English, know different ways of study or how is the school in other countries. I hope I can participate in some sports that do not exist here like cheerleader. And outside of high school, I hope to become an independent person and learn to solve my problems on my own. Someone have to choose me because I´m going to tought them my culture and I´m going to give my best. I´m a very cheerful, respectful and I really want to live this.

I´m looking forward to meet you and to see you soon.


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