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16, Female Student ID: 198SPSP095JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello, I am Sara, soon I will be 16. I live in a city in the south of Spain. Thank you so much for hosting me!

From my point of view, I’m a cheerful person, who does not get angry very often. Furthermore, I’m always laughing and I’m a very sensitive girl.

Other thing about me is that I do not like lying to people. I’m a friendly person, although I’m a bit shy when I meet people for the first time.

I usually help my mum with the housework and whatever she asks me, undoubtedly I will do the same with you.

I live with my mum, she and my dad got divorce and my dad left to Australia, where he is from, and since then we do not know anything from him.

My weakness is Christmas, I adore that time of year, because you get together with all the family, the streets get beautiful and the environment is amazing. I am looking forward to this time of year and living it with you!

I do not have a specific hobby, but I do really like practicing sports such as volleyball. Therefore I would love to try new sports next year.

I usually go to the gym 3 times per week or more, as I like keeping fit.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends or family. On the other hand, I love singing, but I do not sing very well.

I take pleasure in traveling or visiting new places, thus, I would appreciate if we could do some small trips.

I love going to concerts and to the cinema, so if you let me I would like to go sometimes.

Some of my goals of this year are, firstly meet new people as much as possible and learn new things about them such as traditions, cultures… Secondly, improve my english. Also I am looking forward to learning lots of things at school and doing lots of activites, finally spending time and sharing traditions with you!

I believe that is going to be a wonderful year and I will do everything possible so that it is also for you.

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