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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Family Activities
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Dear Host Family,

I can’t believe i’m writing this letter! Just one month ago I was dreaming about my year abroad, and now everything is becoming real!

My dream is finally coming true!

My name is Sara and I am Italian.

My family consists of my mum my dad and my older sister. My parents are both dentists, but my sister is still studying. With my family I really enjoy walking, playing board games or traveling. With my mom I usually watch TV series, and with my dad I play sports, especially skiing. I love going shopping with my sister, because she always advises me what to buy. We are a close family and we love doing activities together.

My passions are traveling and photography.

I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 9 years.

I am a sunny girl, nice, polite and I can adapt to any situation.

I have only been to the United States once, 3 years ago, I went to New York with my family, and I would love to go back and discover the American culture.

My typical day here in Italy starts at 6:30 in the morning, I get ready and at 7:00 I drive to school with my sister. My school starts at 7:50 am and finishes at 12:50 am. After school I go home and have lunch, then I do my homework and when I finish it I go out with my friends until dinner time. I have dinner with my whole family at 8:30 and then we all watch television together and then I go to bed.

I study Spanish and I really like it, and my favorite subject is math.

The goals I would like to achieve from this experience are: to become more mature, to to make new friends and to improve my English.

With my future host family, I would like to share my Italian culture and introduce them to traditions that are not usual in America.

In winter I really like to go skiing with my family; in summer, on the other hand, I love going to the lake or the sea. My biggest passion is traveling and I hope to see new places when I am in America, if possible.

Thank you for hosting me!


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