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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear Host Family,

I’m Sara, an Italian teenager who is writing this letter in the hope of making her dream come true: improving my English in a huge way and live like a perfect American girl. So here I am, telling my life to people I don’t know that I hope one day will become a second family.

I’m 16 years old girl (17 when I arrive to the US) and I live in a small city in center-south Italy.

I will talk about my parents first, they are the people who gave me life and I will be eternally grateful to them for everything; they are helping me to make my dream come true, I have a beautiful bond with both of them.

My father is an electrician; my mother is a trader; they’re amazing parents who’ve always listened and understood us. In the bad moments they are there with us, trying always to make us smile. They taught us so many things like to always be nice to others and always try to smile. I know that it is very difficult for both of them to send me to the other side of the world, but I also know that they are both proud of me. I have a younger sister, who is ten who likes nature especially flowers and animals. I get on quite well with my sister but we don’t have a lot of common interests; so, if possible, I hope to have one of my age in America and I’ll have a big help from him or her. I love my whole family, they’ll be the thing I’ll miss most of all my life in Italy.

We all live in the small city, I like living there because it’s quiet but there aren’t many things to do and it’s a little far from my friends. I attend the linguistic high school, as I would like to travel a lot. I’ve never had any problems at school, my favourite subjects are Spanish, French and, of course, English; I don’t know where my love for English comes from but I always liked it.

At the free time I love doing physical activities, the one that I like is soccer and I practice soccer 4-5 times for week plus the match on Sunday, I always enjoy soccer training because when I play soccer I feel free, for me the soccer team is a second family and I hope to play soccer in America. Other sports that I love are volleyball that I would like to try, and swimming that I have practiced for 10 years, I’d like to watch a typical American football game with cheerleaders. I like also listen to music because when I listening all the problems disappear, I don’t have any favourite genre of music. I love watching films and TV series; I often try them in English, so that can I improve it. By now I don’t understand much, but I’m sure I’ll do it soon!

I usually go out with my friends on Saturday. I have 4 best friends, we have just know for three years, but it looks like we have been friends since we were born. I always have fun with them, even if we just stay home; otherwise when we go out we usually go walking in our city center or go to the cinema. Then I have a long-distance best friend who’s named like me and she’s the same age as me, it was meant to be a friend. I also love to spend time with my family, particularly during the summer, when we go to the seaside. In fact, we have a house by the sea and we often go there with my parents and my grandparents, where we like swimming, diving, exploring new shores or just tanning on the beach. Last but not least, I love traveling and discovering new places and realities that are totally different from the ones I’m in everyday. I like changing my habits and getting used to other cultures so that I can have new experiences and meet new people.

I think there is always something to learn from the others, so, after this travel, I think there is always something to learn from the others, so, after this travel, I know I will be very richer thanks to you and to everyone I’ll meet there.

I’ve never had a doubt about this experience, I’m very determined, self-confident and ambitious, and so I hardly give up. Therefore I’m really glad with my parents that understand how important this experience is to me. Another aspect of my personality is that I get really serious and quiet when I’m in important situations, but then I can be also very talkative and friendly when I’m with friends on informal occasions. I don’t like to cause problems to the others, so I’m really calm and obedient. I’m rarely sad, I always try to see the glass half full, instead of half empty. I think I can be a good friend and a good daughter, helping you whenever you need a hand, and hoping you’ll do the same with me; I’m very determined and I don’t know what I’ll do in the future; but I have clear ideas of what I want to do, and I’m trying hard to realize my projects.

I found on the web a sentence that completely reflects what I think about exchanges: “Exchange isn’t a year in our life, it’s a life in a year” in fact, I know that next year I’ll totally change my way of living, and the best thing about it is that I don’t have any fear of that, because I’m really curious to know new things and to face the world around me.

I wish I’ll feel part of your family and you’ll be proud of me as your daughter, as I would like that this experience won’t be just great for me, but also for you.

See you soon


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