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Sarfun (Fun)

17, Male Student ID: 198AYTH065JYM Thailand

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LETTER FROM Sarfun (Fun)

Sarfun (Fun)

Hello! My name is Sarfun, you can call me Fun. I am 17 years old now. I am studying at grade11 in Chinese-English major. Everyone thinks I am optimistic and honest. I like to listening to music, watching the movie, dancing, playing sports and I really enjoy traveling. I am also interested in editing video and learning the new languages. When I have a problem, I am going to get some advice from my parents.

My relationship with my family is very good. My family has 3 peoples: my father, I, and my grandmother whom come to join us in some activities. Because my grandmother lives in another province. My family, we really like traveling, shopping and go eating out on every Sunday. When I have free time in holiday but my father has to work, I watch movies or sometimes go shopping. We usually go to my grandmother home on the long holiday to have a little party at home.

I love to learn the new languages such as English, Chinese and maybe more soon. I love to take the editing video and dance so much, I have a video that I edited myself. I like to dance when I’m feel happy and I like to listen to music. My favorite types of music are R&B, Hip-hop, Pop. I am an obsessive follower Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande etc. I listen to music every day! My favorite types of movies are Action Film, Documentary Film, Romance Film and War Film. I recommend you to watch The Shape of Water, Pirates of the Caribbean and Avengers. I watch the movie four-five times a week. At this point, green and violet is the color what I like the most.

My personality are optimistic, honest, and friendly but sometimes I’m shy. I love the nature. I always want to go travel in countryside. In the future, I plan to travel abroad with my best friends: Miw and Mark. We will travel abroad by ourselves. I think traveling alone/traveling with friends/family have more benefits than traveling with tour group. First, we can go everywhere we want to go, because we don’t have to be hurry. Second, we can spend the time with who we love. Third, we can improve ourselves by being a problem solver so we can view the world in different way.

When I have the problems, I will go to ask the advice from my father, such as when I want to improve my grade. My best friends told me about my bad point that I really care other people’s mind but I didn’t care my mind. For example, someone told me to do something for them, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t deny them, so I do it by unwillingly. Now, I am trying to solve my bad point. I will care about my mind more than in the past.

In undergraduate degree, I would like to study in School of Communication Arts, Major in International Relationship maybe in Thailand or Foreign Country. I would like to be a Movie Director because I love to watch the movie and I think I want to make my movie, too. Now, I am studying at the public school located in the central part of Thailand, which is nearby Bangkok. There are grade 7-12 with around 3,000 students. It was founded for 40 years and it is famous for Basketball, Science, Japanese and Chinese. I was a school representative to answer the problems for many competitions. My grade it’s in average high.

Thank you for considering my letter and will be giving warm welcome to me. I have never stayed away from my family before. I hope that your family could guide me what to do and not to do when I am with you. Hope to see you soon and spend amazing 10 months together.

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