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17, Female Student ID: 228SVIT065JYF Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

First of all, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better.

My name is Serena , I am 17 years old, I live in a small village in the hills about close to Milan. My village is surrounded by the countryside, for this I spend most of my days, especially in the summer outside; but since it is very small I prefer to spend my afternoons with my friends in the center or in the shopping malls.

I’m attending the third year of high school. I really like my course of studies, especially I love the languages I’m studying which are English, German and Spanish, my favourite subjects are English, philosophy and history.

I consider myself a nice person, quiet, cheerful, very helpful, responsible, kind to everyone and very well-mannered, thanks to my parents, laughing is one of my favourite things to do in fact I am a very optimistic person, I am also very active and in my free time I can’t stay without doing anything, another aspect of my personality is that I get really serious when I’m in important situations and very friendly and talkative when I’m with my friends.

I think I can be a good daughter, helping you whenever you need a hand and I hope you’ll do the same with me.

My family consists of four people, my mom, my dad, my sister and a beautiful kitten. With my dad I have a lot of fun, he is a very open minded, is a kind person and every time I’m sad his words lift me up, with my mom the relationship, although sometimes it is a bit ‘conflictual I can talk to her about everything, with my sister the relationship is very nice despite our age difference. In fact, we’re very close and we go shopping a lot. My father is a nurse and works in a clinic near our house, my mom is an employee and my sister is a OSS and works in the same clinic as my father. My dad really likes cycling, swimming and taking pictures of landscapes, my mom really likes to crochet and take many walks, my sister really likes to shop and hang out with friends.

With my family I have done many trips, unfortunately not abroad but in Italy, for example during the year we all go together to visit historical cities and to visit museums, while in the summer we go a month to the seaside, where we find time tobe together and to just have some fun, and we spend a week or two in the mountains with friends.

A tradition that can never be missed is “Festa di Sant’Anna”, it is celebrated two or three evenings in July, usually around the 26th, is a beautiful festival in which my friends and I help to serve the tables while my mother is at the cashier and other people prepare all the typical dishes like “salamella” and “schite”, that festival is all organized by the people who live in my village, and every year I enjoy it a lot, now it is a habit!

As a good Italian girl, I like cooking and tasting different types of food, so I hope I can teach you some Italians recipes and to bring at your home a little bit of my home.

As for friends, I have good ones, I have my group of classmates: “le Winx” with whom I study several times, I go out for walks in the center and with whom I love to go to the bookstore. My best friend lives near me and I spend most of my days with her and we have a lot of fun together, with her I like going out especially on Saturday night, when we can go to parties or just spend the evening on the couch watching a movie. In my free time I like to read books, listen to music; one of my favourite singer is Louis Tomlinson I’ve been following for many years. I also like to take walks and photograph.

The idea of the year abroad in the United States comes from my desire to breathe new, different air. I think this experience will help me create a greater sense of responsibility in me and I think it will be an experience that will change my life and the way I see the world and that will make me able to adapt myself to different situations.

I hope that despite the worsening of the pandemic my dream can be realized anyway, I will never stop hoping! I would love to be in a host family with brothers or sisters to have fun with. I really like the quiet places and not too cold. I also really like pets and I would have no problem to have one.

I hope we are going to know each other soon and find out each others interests. I wish I’ll feel part of your family and you’ll be proud of me as your daughter, as I would like that this experience won’t be just great for me, but also for you!


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