Short Term Student Programs Abroad

Can’t get away for a whole school year? The ICES foreign language and cultural Short Term Student Programs Abroad are the perfect solution for you!

Explore your options below, and get ready to join students from all over the world on an amazing experience abroad!


for American Students

Don’t want to miss a lot of school, want more affordable options or just want to participate in a specialized short term program abroad? No problem! Check out the various short-term programs that ICES can offer, ranging from short homestays, specialty programs for things such as soccer, tennis, art and the outdoors, and specialty programs in private schools abroad.

High School Experience Abroad

Are you looking for a taste of what a study abroad program has to offer? The ICES High School Experience Abroad has most of the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost.

American high school students choose their program length for 1-3 months, they live with a host family while studying in a local school in the host country. With flexible enrollment dates throughout the school year, this unique short-term program abroad will prove to be challenging and fun!


Student Summer Programs Abroad

If you’re not ready to study abroad for a longer period of time or if you’re just looking for a fun summer getaway, the ICES Student Summer Programs Abroad are the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills and to get a taste for foreign cultures and traditions.

Experience the perfect mixture of language classes in the mornings and fun activities in the afternoon. Make international friends, meet local people, try new food and enjoy your summer stay abroad!