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16, Female Student ID: 198AYTH043JYF Thailand

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Hello ! My name is Siripa. You can call me cherry. I study in grade 10 in English-Japanese. I live far from my school so I spend times for go to school. My family have 4 person that is my father, my mother, my older sister and me. My older sister and me 3 years apart so we play same friend.

In free time I like to read some novels, take photos and in holiday I like to go to new place I want to try new thing, want to learn about new thing. I like to go to another country like to take photos to save my memories about it and I like to see movies, series, animation but my favorite series is caption america. I like sci-fi movies I think it is so exciting when I see on the screen. My type of music is pop. I have many favorite singers such as Charlie Puth, Katy Perry , Ed Sheeren and I like k-pop too. I like exo, bts, blackpink, fromis_9 .

My favorite food is everything I like food but I don’t like some vegetables but I can eat it. My favorite sports is Badminton and swimming. I like swimming when I’m in water I feel like I’m rest, not thinking about everything so I like it but I don’t like rain because I think it is so sticky. My favorite season is snow because I like snow, snowman and hot cocoa. I like every events I feel every people feel enjoy it. My favorite color is yellow.

In school I am a leader of class so I don’t know why friends choose me to be a leader haha but leader is so tired I have many works but not much than my homework it’s a lot. My school have activities but not much such as Thai dancing, dance cover, singer. My motto is “If you don’t try you don’t know it”.

I can speak Thai, English, Japanese but a little bit. In grade 6 I was a cheerleader in the past I liked dancing but now I prefer take photos. I want to be exchange because I want to learn new thing, new culture, new people etc… Thank you for reading my story, I hope you like me and you will be happy if we are together. Nice to meet you.