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Sittikorn (Pat)

15, Male Student ID: 198AYTH020JYM Thailand

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LETTER FROM Sittikorn (Pat)

Sittikorn (Pat)

My name is Sittikorn. My nickname is Pat. I have two older sisters. Now I am living with my father, mother and sister at Thailand. My family has five-people including my father, my mother, my older sisters and me. Now my older sister was nineteen and seventeen years old. I am very familiar with my mother, my father, and my older sister (Petch) because every time I have a problem I can counsel my problem with them. They gave advice to deal with problems.

My favorite subject are math, Technology, art, History, social, Chinese. I like study History social because I want to know about history in the world. So I will know information about history. I like astronomy because I want to know about how the world starts. I interest astrology because I like augury and I’m more interest is Charlotte Charts. I like cook dessert and food. My sister always tell me to cook for her because she can’t cook. My favorite food is pasta, spicy food and BBQ. My favorite dessert is dark-chocolate. I ever heard America people could cook dessert. I hope my host family can teach me cook dessert and food because I like to cook dessert but it really hard for me. And I would like to cook diner for you because I want you to time that I cook.

I like cat because I think cat so cute. It looks charming in itself. I can’t tell you for detail but I know I very like cat.

My hobby is read novel, comic, literature, and fantasy novel. Sometime I write short story in Thai language, both of my older sisters they are a player of basketball team at my school, and they really like to play basketball so that make me feel like the basketball interesting. I usually play games, cooking, sing a song, watch movie, with my older sister. Every holiday my family we always have a good time.

At school, I have seven close friends. We have activities together. We always hang out at center. In the final round of the exam we will celebrate. This is my first time to be the exchange student, the reason why I would like to be an exchange student are I would like to get a new experience in USA, would like to live with American people, learn a new thing such as culture and also improve my English skill and I hope I will have a good time with my host family and I also share my culture and my experience to you.

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