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My name is Sophia and I´ll be 15 years old when I come to the USA, hopefully to your family. In this letter I want to give you as much information about me as I can and I hope I´ll leave a good impression and I want to thank you for taking me into your family that means a lot to me.

I live in a village together with my family that means my parents, my 18 years old sister Katharina and my dog Ronny. Family is the most important aspect in my life. My dog is by the way the most adorable dog on earth he is really big and has the cutest face ever I would say I am a little bit obsessed with dogs and animals in general and I love it to cuddle him.

My dad works in his restaurant and my mom in the family hotel which is next to the restaurant. My sister studies pharmacy and lives in an apartment in Frankfurt with her boyfriend. My dad isn´t home often because his work starts in the morning and ends in the middle of the night and my mom helps him out mostly that means we can´t do many things in the week but at the weekend we do a lot. The most of the time we play games for example, Mensch ärgere dich nicht” the goal of the game is to reach your home with all your game figures and don´t get kicked out of the game. We also play games like UNO or SKIBO which you probably know. I also spent a lot of time at my aunts house and take care of my 5 year old cousin, that means that I play with him, read with him, cook for him and take him to bed when my aunt has to work late. I have to say that I love children and spending time with them.

The most important person in my life is my sister. She has a boyfriend who is more like a brother to me and together we went to the zoo once and we also bake a lot together. My sister is a really good cook she cooks many dishes for us which are definitely the best. After we ate I am the one who cleans the table and washes the dishes or more put them in the dishwasher. Apart from this, keeping my room clean and feed my dog, I don´t have any fixed chores to do at home, but whenever my parents need help with anything, like vacuuming or taking the garbage out, I´m glad to give them a helping hand. So on I want to add that I´d be really happy if I could help you out with the Household.

In school I visit grade 9 my school is a gymnasium” goes from grade 5 to grade 12. My school is 11 miles away from home I go there by bus and I have to wake up really early, around 6 am I´d like to say that I´m not a morning person I usually sleep long at the weekend I sleep until 10-11 am. In school my favorite subjects are English of course, Music lessons and history. I love English because you can talk with the most people in English no matter where they are from I also watch the most movies and TV shows in english to improve it and because the show seems to be more interesting then. Music is one of my favorites because we learn much about the Piano which I´m playing since the beginning of 2018 and we also sing songs there what I also love to. And history is just important for me and really interesting. My school hasn´t got sport clubs or in general special school clubs which is really sad I think I would love to be a part of a school team for example I´d like to start cheerleading in America and I´d love to experience the famous high school spirit and go to school dances like homecoming because we also don´t have things like this here. While being in the USA I would also love to enter the drama class if I get the chance to because I would like to act.

My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes, I support him with my entire heart. In May 2018 I also met him here in Germany and it was such a great experience I could never forget. My favorite songs of him at the moment are Fallin all in you, Don´t be a fool, A little too much and actually also all the other songs. The reason why I love his songs so much is that he is totally honest in them and this helps me a lot and makes me happy. I also really like Ariana Grande, Anne Marie and Camila Cabello. At the moment I also enjoy to listen to the old Miley Cyrus songs because they give me motivation. What I also love is listening to slow music before going to bed, it helps me to sleep better I guess.

Apart from Music I also read books. I don´t read that often but when I start to read it takes a long time until I stop. At the moment I read a novel by J.P Monninger who lives in New Hampshire. The name of the book is “The map that leads to you” and it´s about a girl who finished college and travels to Europe with her best friends and in Europe she meets a man named Jack.

I don´t watch TV often but when I do I just watch the late late show by James Corden. I really love his “Carpool Karaoke” editions if you haven´t watched then you should definitely do. And I also love dance movies like “Step Up” .

Here in Germany I dance Ballet since 2016 and I would like to continue that in the USA and maybe start dancing Ballet on point shoes then, if I can´t I wouldn´t be sad but dancing is really Important and fascinating for me. I go to my dance lessons every friday and I also tried other dance styles like Zumba and Hip-Hop. An other hobby of mine is as I already said playing the piano, I love to play it and to teach myself new songs and sing along to them, I wouldn´t say that I´m a good singer to be honest but I love singing anyways. On the piano I can play songs by Shawn Mendes and some other. In my free time I also play Badminton with my friends but I don´t play it in a Team, maybe I could try that in the US. I also love to swim in summer, we have a river close to my hometown and my friends and I picnic and swim there very often. In winter, I love it to go Ice skating I also put a picture of that in the photoalbum, on that day we were celebrating my best friends birthday and we had a lot of fun, I did not even fall down that day. The last hobby of mine is drawing, I love it to draw people or specific things and it is good to calm down.

At the end I want to tell you about my characteristics and my personality. I would describe myself as a really honest and kind person I love it to help other people and it doesn´t matter if they are strangers or my family. I also love it to meet new people and I wouldn´t say that I´m shy more the opposite, I talk a lot and if I see a person I´d like to get to know I just start talking to them so I don´t think it´s going to be a problem to meet new people in the USA. I would also say that I´m really confident and that I don´t get sad that fast if I think I´m going to be sad I search for something to do to be happy again, listening to music etc. I think It wouldn´t be good if I just list the good things about my personality so I tell you also my weaknesses which are that I forget some things sometimes and that I start learning for tests mostly one day before the test is. I hope you like me anyways 🙂

The reason why I want to spend 10 months in the USA isn´t only that I want to improve my English. It´s also that I want to make new friendships, get to know the life at an American high school and especially I am looking forward to learn more about the American culture, in exchange I could show you dishes and traditions of the German culture, but mostly I´m looking forward to be a part of your family during this huge experience, I hope I´ll get to know you soon.

I want to thank you so much for taking me into your family and for taking the time to read this letter. I really appreciate it.

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