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15, Male Student ID: 198BWTH010JYM Thailand

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Football (Soccer)


My name is Sorapat but please call my short nickname as Bank. I am Thai. I like to learn new cultures and languages. Now I am 15 years old. I am studying in Grade 9 at my school in the International Education Programme. I live with my father and mother. I am an only child. My father is a civil engineer. My mother is a housewife and takes care of our apartment business. My school have many branches. Teachers are mostly foreigners. My school famous for both academic and extracurricular activities, especially the music related activities.

I love music and my hobby is practicing playing music. I can play many instruments such as drum set, guitar, and bass guitar. I love to sing a song and listen to music. On holidays, I invite my friends to practice music at my home. I have a band that I and my friends created. It names Sunday Night Band, because we practice on every Sunday night. We have performed in two concerts. It was a great experience for me. We also play for school events.

I also like to play in many sports, such as football, basketball, badminton, and table tennis. Sometime, I invite my friends to play table tennis at my home. I also play football, table tennis, and basketball in some competitions at our school.

My goal in life is to be a musician. I am very happy with the music. I dream to be a famous musician and singer. I would like to be an exchange student, in order to study culture, to learn more languages, and to have many foreign friends. If there is a chance I would like to attend a music school in the U.S. Finally, I hope that I will see you in the U.S.

I looking forward to seeing you soon

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