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16, Female Student ID: 198AYTH033JYF Thailand

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LETTER FROM Suwaruncha


My name is Suwaruncha. My nickname is mean. I am fifteen years old. I born and live in Thailand. When I was young, I usually play with neighbors’ son and daughter. Their grandmother cooks food for us when we are tired. She so kind. They will invite to play or invite to visit on the holiday or a day of the festival. Nothing special on the day I will help my mom and my father in my housework. I usually help my mother cooking. When I finish that sometime I go to take a photo for something with my brother or my father. He likes to take a photo same and he wrote the computer program. The photo has it are glamor so that why I like them so much. I am very close with my brother. He so kind and friendly, He will buy a special for me on my Happy Birthday. Sometimes I make something wrong to somebody. My mom and dad teach me about it when I can’t do it or I make it wrong. They are kind warm and cute.

When I study primary school, I join to play petanque and I am a cheerleader on sports day. My first time for play petanque my dad teaches me how to play it. I play petanque for 5 years. It makes me fun and I think in the petanque in the match. He trained me and friend all the time until last year, my group coloring siwalai. We won the gold medal 16 years old female. We are happy. Staff order pizza and KFC for us. When I serious, I will open the music sometimes I go to travel and take a photo. I like to play the dulcimer and I can play the keyboard piano. When I have free time I like to take a photo, play with a dog, travel, edit photo, dance, listen to music, read a book. They have charming or magic that make me fascinated. On weekdays I study at school until the morning to the evening after that I go home to do my homework when finish that I take a shower, early in the evening I eat dinner with my family and go to bed. When I was the grade 9 I won the national prize from Mathematic project Challenge We make it for 4-10 months. It is a beauty that makes us help each other, love each other together to make sure that people are living in the room. 3 years ago, I travel to Cambodia with my school. We go to Angkor Wat at Siem Reap. The place is beautiful in itself and it can tell stories through those places well. I had the opportunity to use English for the first time. o I realized that we should know more words to be used correctly.

That is one of the reasons I want to change. I need to adapted to living abroad, new friendships, new conditions, new tradition. It must be fun. I hope I hope to find a generous family. I like doing the family business together. Have pet and garden. In the future, I want to be a doctor because I want people to have a good health and help people from pain.

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