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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



My name is Teodora and I hope I’ll be your host student for ten months, so I’ll introduce myself. Who I am? I am a girl from Spain. I am able to spend a whole day writing about where I am, a lot of facts from my natal town. But the intention with this letter is to introduce myself and from my point of view, in this letter I have the chance to tell you those things I love doing. My life as I see it. And no one else does. Because at the end, the things that no one but you can tell, are the ones people find interesting.

Why I want this program? Since I was very little, I have always thought that the more you know of the world we live in, the more places you visit, the more cultures you learn, your mind and future is going to grow. A couple of years ago, if somebody would ask me a question like why do you find traveling interesting? My answer will be, because traveling is fun, and you know more places. But thinking about it now my answer will totally change. I find traveling interesting because experiences are like secrets, you just get to know them if you live them. The things I’ll live if I get the program are things that no one else but me is going to know and the repercussion they will have in my future are nothing but great.

My brother had the chance to enjoy this program a year ago in California, and he encouraged me about joining this program because of his experience. He told me he spent a great time and he found really easy socializing. His family was lovely and his English has improved a lot. He also told me that sport was his way of interacting to people. He met a lot of boys in the high school water polo team and that was the way he got to know the people.

I also had the chance to travel to the United Kingdoms this year in a six weeks exchange in Essex. My experience was amazing. From the very beginning I started knowing people. My host family was lovely and they were all very kind and funny. Afternoons with my friends there, and high school lessons were formidable.

That exchange for me, was like the training to the big race which, I consider that is this opportunity. If those weeks helped me I can’t imagine about ten months.

What my life is like? I consider myself as a very active girl. I joined an athletics club at the age of five and since then I attend every training, every week (currently my training take place every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). I think sport is very important in everybody’s life. It gives me a balance and it helps me in a lot of ways. It’s an awesome way to know people and it forces you to stay out of your comfort zone. I also like music. I started with piano lessons at the age of 6 and music lessons at the age of 4. It is also very important to me because music is everywhere. And hearing it, almost every time without understanding it is something, I find boring and useless. As most of the things I know I learned them from my parents and my family I’ll talk about them. My father, a physics professor and also and investigator is a kind man. He taught me that nothing is going to come to ring your bell while you are sitting in a couch waiting. I have to go out there and chase my goals. Because the more you know, the more you get. My mom IS a helper in health investigation, and she taught me how to stay positive, how to never underestimate myself and as my dad, to fight for the things I want. Last of all I also have a brother, a 16-year-old guy, that sometimes gets quite annoying but to be honest, he’s the main reason that I got brave enough to decide I wanted to be part of the experience.

My hobbies? Last of all I will tell you about the things I most enjoy doing and how I managed my free time. On weekends, when I finish studying, I like to hang out with my friends, but we don’t usually do regular things like shopping and similar. Sometimes, when I got tired of sitting in my desk and work, I call a friend, and we go riding our bikes for the whole afternoon. Sometimes I just like being with my family and watch films, and sometimes I like to try completely new things as I do in summer. Summers with my family are very fun. We go every year 10 days to a town in a mountain area. It’s not always the same place, but we always do the same activity for that whole time, hiking. My brother and I we used to go surfing every summer but this year we started rock climbing instead. And I figured out that I love it!

So dear host family, finally you know me a little better. And, honestly, I really hope getting the chance to know you for ten months.

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