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15, Female Student ID: 198BWTH008JYF Thailand

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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First of all, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better. I hope the following lines will give you an impression about me, my life in Thailand and why I would to spend a year in USA.

My name is Thunyalak. My nickname is Mint, you can call me Mint. Now, I’m 14 years old, but when I go to your country I’m about 15 year old, I was born in Thailand. When most people who first see me they tell me that I am a little shy and very smiley, but I can be familiar with people quickly. Everyone tell me I am positive and talkative. I am very friendly. I also enjoy with my pet because my pet it so cute. I really like pet very much, especially dogs and cats. My hobbies is playing sports, taking pictures, surfing internet and watching movie.

Let’s me introduce my family. My family has four members. There are kindly father, warm mother, bigger brother and me. My father is a Certified public accountant (CPA) and he has a private business. When he has a free time he always takes me and my family to travel in holiday and sometime he teaching me how to play basketball and how to cook. He is very nice. Also, he is good at cooking Thai food. His cooking is really delicious. I like his cooking. My mother is a housewife and she help my father to work. Both of them work together. When my mother has a free time she really like to take me to go shopping with her. She’s always trying to encourage me to trying something new. I really love her so much. And the last one, my bigger brother, I have a good relationship with my bigger brother, he is a photographer. He always is teaching me how to take a picture. I love to take a picture because my bigger brother. I love all of my family members.

I set up my life goals regularly and plan to accomplish them step-by-step. My current short term goal is graduate from high school with high grades and learns as much as I can so I will be prepared for college. It will not be that difficult to reach if I’m responsible to my academic courses and put in the required effort before a test to show what I learned

I am good at play sports. I am basketball player in my school, since last December 2017, my basketball team have to compete the basketball match with other school, we got the second of the contest. I like to play Basketball, table tennis and Bowling.

In my school, I have many friends and I love to talk with other people who really want to know who am I. My major was science – math. My favorite subjects are Physical and English. I can be familiar with new friend quickly. After school I always play basketball with my friend. I have many funny friends in Thailand. So when I go to USA, I hope I will have many funny- friends too.

Why I want to be an exchange student? I want to improve my English as well as I can and make new experiences, to meet new people I want to learn something new. Exchange my culture to your my host family. I want to know myself can I leave without my lovely family; I know I will miss my family sure, But it okay I know that the experiences of one year with you will be great and funny.

I am so thankful that you consider hosting me for one year. So I hope I will hear from you can even more to be part of your family.