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17, Male Student ID: 228AJJP010JYM Japan

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello! My name is Tomohiko. I’m going to participate in the AYP program from this summer, 2022.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m 17 years old and in 11th grade. I go to a private Christian high school. I have many friends and enjoy my school life. I belong to the tennis club at school. My club is so busy that we have practices 6 days a week. I like tennis club because I can learn a lot of important things other than tennis.

Next, I’ll tell you about my family. My family is a family of five. We live in a very nice place, and Universal Studio Japan is just a short distance away. My sister is 15 years old, and in 9th grade. My brother is 20 years old, a freshman in college. My brother also had been studying abroad in the US for a year in American high school. He said that studying abroad was a good experience, so I wanted to do it, too.

My hobby is playing sport, especially tennis. I also like watching tennis games on TV. I would like to play tennis with you, if you like. My favorite food is pasta. My family makes pasta at home at least once a week. There are various flavors such as tomato, pepperoncino, and corned beef. If you like it too, I want to make it for you.

This is my first time going to an English speaking world. I would like to improve my English speaking skills, and I also want to experience different cultures and understand the differences of it.

I’m excited to visit you and your family as well as your country. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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