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Tunchanok (Lucky)

15, Male Student ID: 198AYTH025JYM Thailand

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

LETTER FROM Tunchanok (Lucky)

Tunchanok (Lucky)

My name is Tunchanok. My nickname is Lucky.I live with my father, mother, and older sister. My favorite subjects are Math, Science and computer. My favorite food are fried chicken and steak. My mother and father are very good in cooking.

I usually get up at 5:00 am to prepare to go school. I like to play basketball before my class start with my friends. I intend to study all subjects and I like to exercise when I go back home because It is good for my health. I play basketball, soccer, and badminton in my spare time. I like to travel and I love to go to the beach, because it is beautiful and makes me feel relaxing.

My favorite sports are badminton, soccer and basketball. My favorite basketball player is “Stephen Curry” because I think he is the best shooter in the NBA. My favorite football player is “Cristiano Ronaldo” because he has teamwork and amazing speed skills. My favorite musical instrument is guitar. My favorite songs are “Lego House” of Ed Sheeran, “Let Her Go” of Passenger and “See You Again” of Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth.

There are 3 reasons why I want to study in America. First of all, I love to play basketball, the best basketball team and coach are in America. I really want to see how they play basketball, and improve my basketball skill to be better. Second, I really want to learn English from native speaker and culture, and exchange some my language words and culture because I always have passion to learn new things. Third, I want to learn in the different educational system, and I want to have foreigner friends.

My motto is “all effort may not success, but all success comes from effort” it means if your effort not success you should not feel hopeless because all success comes from effort.

My dream job is an engineer because I like to learn Math and Science. I think an engineer has stable salary and I like to challenge myself to create new things.

I hope host family will be kind, nice, friendly and energetic. I want to improve my English communication skills with host family, play sport with host family, share story with each other to build a good relationship, and travel with host family.

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