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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello family!!

I’m Victor, I’m fifteen and I will turn sixteen before I arrive. I am the older brother of the three siblings that I have. Each one has a different character and I like that since I can enjoy them in a different way. Marc is 8 years old and likes sports very much, I usually play with him. The second is Lucia is 6 years old and she dances very well. Finally, we have my 5-year-old sister Clara, who is very funny, I have a great time with her.

My parents have been separated since I was 2 years old, but they have a very good relationship. My father and mother have a partner, the four of them are like my parents to me, I have a very good relationship with everyone. My father, Jorge, is 52 years old, among other things what I like to do most with him, is fishing and playing tennis. My mother Noelia is 42 years old, and she is very hardworking and affectionate, I like to spend time with her and also play paddle tennis with her. Eli is my father’s wife, she is 47 years old, and I like to watch movies with her and go out to buy the clothes I need, and my mother’s husband is called Carlos and he is 44 years old, I love watching football with him, we enjoyed it very much!!! We are both Barcelona supporters, although I also like to do other activities with how to go sailing in “Hobie cat”. We had a great time, but we don’t do competition.

I have been in my school since I was 3 years old. In it I have been able to learn, and I have also made many friends. My favorite subject of the school is “faig”, we do many projects related to the company, and society. Last year we did a project to create an innovative new product, we worked very well as a team, and we shared the task. We presented it in English in the final, there were all the finalist groups of all of Catalonia. I also really like Physical Education, we do different types of sports, such as Football, badminton, basketball, and also ballroom dancing and Frisby. At school I have a group of friends. We are boys and girls. With these we are going to do sports such as running, tennis, paddle tennis, soccer, but we also go to walk around Barcelona.

In summer we go with the family to beach places in Spain, Menorca, or Cadiz. In Cadiz I have friends since I was 5 years old, from Madrid, Bilbao and there are also from Andalucia. I really like the beach and we usually sail in a small boat, fish, paddle surf, or “Hobby cat”.

In winter, on weekends we sometimes go skiing. We have the Pyrenees near Barcelona, about two hours away by car and we spent weekends with the family skiing.

Two years ago, I was doing football at school. We had played against different clubs, we were also a good team, since we support each other on both good and bad.

Now I do tennis, and it’s the sport I like the most. I train Wednesday and Friday 3 hours a day, we train as a team and whenever we have a championship we come to support, even if only one of the group plays. We are all very competitive and we help each other to improve, so that we can play against better people.

I have traveled with my family to other countries in Europe. To Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. At the age of 12 I spent three weeks in an English family and in the mornings, I spent it practicing tennis in a club. In the afternoons we lived with the family.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I want to go to the United States, since I want to learn the culture of your country, your customs, and participate in the day to day with my American family and new friends.

I would like to feel integrated into the family and be able to do activities with you to get to know American life.

Ah, and if you have any children my age or younger, I will be happy to live this experience with them, and if you have pets too, because I like domestic animals very much.

I am very excited and eager because last year because of COVID I couldn’t go. I hope you like my letter and that this year I can finally realize the dream of living a year with you.

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