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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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First of all, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to spend 5 months in your wonderful country. In this letter I want to introduce myself to you and I will tell you something about my life, my family and my hobbies. So, let’s start →

My name is Victoria-Luise but everybody calls me Vici. I am from Germany. I have a very small family which lives in the same town as me. I also have 2 cats and two big hobbies: I play handball and do gym wheel. In my free time I meet friends, cook and bake. Interested? Then read more 🙂

Who am I ? Most of my friends would describe me as a very kind, helpful and open-minding person. I love to meet new friends and I am very interested in learning new things. I am Christian and I sometimes go to my church. I am a very direct person so I´m very honest and I speak my mind.

My town: I live in a town in the state North Rhine-Westphalia. It’s near the Dutch border about 55 miles away. We have 30.000 inhabitants – not very big – . My town has everything I need. From normal supermarkets to small shops where I can get everything I need. If I want to go shopping, I have to go in a bigger city. Same with amusement parks or zoos. The town I live in was characterized by mining between the 1920s and 1990s. Nearly everybody was working there!! (only men)

My school: I go to the Gymnasium, which is right next to my apartment. I just walk 5 minutes from my home to school. The school is small with around 600 students. Our school system is very complicated, it’s three-tiered with different types of schools for people who are preparing for college or those preparing for vocational jobs. My school has an academic focus, which means it prepares us for higher studies. So we can do the „highest“ graduation. For that we go to school for 12 years. Most of us are 17/18 at the time of graduation. We have more then 11 subjects and my favorites are Biology, Music and English. I really do not like Math, Physics and Chemistry. The school has two buildings. When I first came there, everything was so big and I was so confused where my rooms were. After a month it was clear for me.

This school year we have school until 1:30 pm four times a week and one time until 4:00 pm. One school hour is 45 minutes. After every single period we got a five minutes break and after two periods we got a „big“ break which is 20 minutes. So, on a normal day with 6 periods (until 1:30pm) we got two big breaks. When we have a long day with 8 periods (until 4:00pm), we have a lunch break after the 6th lesson which is one hour long. We have 2-4 clubs in the afternoon like the fishing club or a club where we can learn how to take care of someone who is sick but I don’t go to these clubs.

I have two best friends and a few other friends. In the school breaks we are standing in a group of eight, it’s fun. Different, isn’t it?

What’s my family like? I have a really tiny family!! Not so much to tell you about them. My family includes my mom (46) my grandmother (69) my grandfather (78) my uncle (38) and my great-grandmother (93). My mom and I are living in an apartment together with two cats and the rest of my family is living in a house with a big garden. It’s not far away, just 15 minutes if I walk. I also have one great-aunt. She is almost 98 years old and lives 25 miles away with her daughter.

I have a good relationship with all of my family, especially with my mom. We do a lot together like going to the zoo, going swimming or just walking outside. In the winter months, we love to go to Christmas markets.

My Sports: As I wrote above, I play handball and do gym wheel. I have been playing handball for 1 ½ years. This year it’s my first season where we have important games with other handball clubs, from other cities. We are training two times a week for 1 ½ hours.

Next is gym wheel. I guess you might not know what gym wheel is, right? Well, most of my friends also didn’t know before I told them. Gym wheel is a German sport where you stand in a large wheel and you do some exercises. You can also say wheel gymnastics. Google it 🙂 I’ve been doing this sport since I was five. I train two times a week for two hours. Since this year I have been working at my gym wheel club. One day a week I train other kids in this sport. Mostly very young kids (beginners) at the age of 5 to 10. To sum it up, my week is very full but I love my sports.

My hobbies: What do I mean with the word hobby? For me, hobbies are things I really like and do when I have time. So, let’s go → I told you in the beginning that I really like to cook and bake. I often bake cakes for someone’s birthdays or just for my mom and me.

Of course I like to meet friends or just do normal stuff like riding a bike, swimming, listening to music or just watching Netflix and hanging out. Everything like a normal Girl at my age.

Good to know: I love animals, I love the colors yellow and purple, I love sport, I love horror movies, I don’t really like romantic movies (at all), the music I listen to are K-pop or English rap ← just my music taste, I love to talk, I hate arguing and I don’t really like to read.

Good to know (food and drinks): I am allergic to some foods. Apples, nuts, fresh tomato and pepper, but I´ve been grown up with that and it’s no problem for me. I can handle it 🙂 My favorites foods are fish, salad and pizza. I don’t really like cheese (just on pizza not on a bread).

Now to my favorites and least favorites drinks. I love tea or water with lemon (or berries). One of the few drinks I don’t like are Coke and just water. But I would really like to try new (traditional) foods.

Why me? You might be asking yourself why you should pick me or why I want to do my exchange year in the US. So first of all I love the language plus the accent and doing an exchange year is the best way to improve my English. I am very interested in getting to know your culture and to meet new people. A big reason is experiencing an American High school!! How’s the system behind the schools? Is the popular school spirit like in movies? It would be interesting to live in a different family from the one already know.

Thank you again for giving me the possibility to live in your family. Thank you for fulfilling my biggest dream.


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