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16, Female Student ID: 198AYTH032JYF Thailand

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My name is Yanin. My family and my friends call me Nice as my nickname.Now, I live in Thailand with my parents.My outstanding characters are cheerful and always smile. My father is a doctor at insurance company. My parents and I like to travel a lot. Almost every year on holiday, we go traveling abroad and having fun together.

I am studying at School. I usually spend most of my time at school because I have to go to school before 7:30 a.m. and stay there until school finishes at 4:30 p.m. I am friendly, sociable and good human relations. My favorite subject is Mathematics because it is interesting and teaches me about the problem and how to solve the problem. I also like Chemistry because of experimenting and observing the changes of matter. On the weekend, I always spend my time with my family. Sometimes, I go to special classes or sometimes we go to shop together. If we do not go anywhere, I stay at home for relaxing.

I like puppy but I am afraid of big dog, cat and snake. My hobby are listening to music and watching the dessert clips because I like baking and cooking. I like listening to English music and I also like Thai classical dancing. My favorite sports are Badminton and Swimming.

The career that I want to be in the future is a dentist. I want to have my own dental clinic because I want to do dental care for my parents and I want everyone to have beautiful teeth. I want to be an exchange student because I want to improve language skills, exchange cultures, learn new things and I want to find new experiences to develop my abilities in many ways. I want to develop an English language because in my country most people do not speak English in daily life. Spending time with another family which speaks different languages would be challenging me. I could be hard at the beginning but I would adjust myself eventually. So, I do not think it would be the hardest one, but I need to things my best.

Thank you very much for reading my letter. I hope my introduction will help you to know better about me. I will be very happy if you consider giving me this opportunity to be part of your family during exchange program in The United States.

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