International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) has promoted a more peaceful world by advancing international awareness and cultural understanding to thousands of exchange students from all over the world.

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Letter from the ICES President

Dear ICES Students,
I hope that each of you has had a very special and memorable year or semester in the United States...

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Our Foreign Student Exchange Program

Host a Student

You will have the chance to establish a wonderful friendship while making a difference in a student's

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Study in US

Your year will be filled with new discoveries about yourself
and others...

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Work for ICES

Assume a leadership position and make a meaningful
contribution to
your community!

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  • NewsICES is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a peaceful world by increasing international awareness and understanding through cultural sharing experiences.

    As the global community we live in becomes increasingly interdependent and subject to change, today's young people will face numerous challenges on the journey to becoming tomorrow's leaders.

    We believe the foreign student exchange experience helps young people of all nationalities embrace those challenges and discover new opportunities that will help them dream and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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    ICES offers young people the adventure of a lifetime - the opportunity to discover themselves by discovering others. Through the process of learning new languages and exploring other countries and cultures, ICES students develop a lifelong love of learning and the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in and contribute to a society marked by increased diversity. The Host Families and local Area Representatives who facilitate the exchange experience benefit as well. By gaining a new son or daughter, Host Families participate in the evolving process of promoting peace through mutual respect and understanding. Area Representatives become community leaders and local ambassadors by promoting international awareness and expanding the perspectives of those around them.

  • NewsIf you would like to become an active member of an exciting global community, ICES is the place for you. Simply go to our Contact Us page, and fill out the Online Application with the option that most fits your interests.

    After submitting the Online Application, you will have an opportunity to explore the possibilities that are awaiting you at ICES.

    If you would like to know more about ICES Area Representative opportunities, please contact us at, or if you would like to host an International Exchange Student, and Make Friendships that will Last a Lifetime, please send us an email at