F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Program USA

Having choices is what the F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Program USA is all about! Whatever your preferences or future plans are, the Choice Program offers the flexibility you have been looking for. Location, subject or sport… We will help you find the right fit for you!


F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Program USA

– The power of educational choice –

Our Choice Program provides students with a wide range of options for total control over the study abroad experience. In addition to the all-important decision about location, parents are able to choose a program that suits their budget.

Flexible options include a variety of program lengths, college preparatory courses, sports programs, ESL support, senior admission and more to tailor the time in the USA to fit individual needs.

Each school has its own international student admissions criteria, such as English proficiency and GPA requirements. The F-1 Academic School team has expanded knowledge of our partner schools’ acceptance requirements, we provide customized recommendations based on your qualifications and personal criteria, we help you find the right match!


Below you will find links to each program with specific facts and requirements .


Your F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Programs

F-1 Academic Public High School Program USA

This program is all about giving you the freedom to choose where you will live and study in the United States. It’s a big country, and we work with many public schools and district offices all across the U.S., giving you the widest possible selection of regions and academic programs. The choice is yours!

F-1 Academic Private Day School Program USA

Our Private Day School Program is a great choice if you are looking for a high school diploma to pursuit a higher education in the USA, or if you are looking for excellent academics, sports or arts programs. Let our experienced Team guide you through the process!

F-1 Academic Private Boarding School Program USA

With highly educated staff and state-of-the-art facilities our Boarding School Program will give you a great platform to go on to top universities. Boarding schools are well known throughout the world for their high standard education. A diploma from a Boarding school in the USA can be a good investment in your future.