Short Term Student Programs

Can’t get away for a whole school year? Our English language and cultural Short Term Student Programs are the perfect solution!

Explore your options below, and join students from all over the world on an amazing experience!


American School Experience

Are you looking for a taste of what an American study abroad program has to offer? The American School Experience program has all the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost. International students choose their program length for 1-3 months, they live with a host family while studying in an American school. With flexible enrollment dates throughout the school year, this unique short-term program will prove to be challenging and fun!



Virtual Short-Term High School Program USA

ICES is offering international students the opportunity to study remotely online through a U.S. High School. Students that join the ICES Virtual High School program can study from the comfort of their own home with the ability to earn a U.S. High School Diploma or credits that are transferable to other U.S. High Schools.

Who is this program for?

  • International Students that would like to experience studying in a U.S. High School but are not sure they would like to live in the USA.
  • International Students that have already completed 1 year on the J-1 High School Program, do not plan to come back to the US through an F-1 program and wants to earn a U.S. High School Diploma.
  • International Students that are currently studying at a U.S. High School but are missing credits they would need to advance to the next grade or graduate and earn a diploma.
  • Students that are planning to come to the U.S. on a F-1 High School Program and want to get a head start on classes required to earn a U.S. High School Diploma.
  • Students that want to improve their English.