American School Experience

Are you looking for a short-term American high school experience before committing to a full semester or year? Do you dream of being able to study in the U.S. at an affordable price?


Affordable and flexible

The American School Experience Program is a unique short-term version of our F-1 private school programs. It offers students the opportunity to study in an American high school for one to three months while living with a host family. The American School Experience program has flexible enrollment dates throughout the American school year and is available for grades 6-12.  Students who complete the program can decide to extend or re-apply for a semester or year F-1 private school program. The American School Experience program has all the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost!

Do You Want to Extend Your Short-Term Program? Our F-1 Academic Private School Program has Many Options!
  • Schools

    ICES has many school partnerships across the U.S. to provide students a diversity of locations, tuition rates, academic course options and more. Students audit their courses and do not receive grades or transcripts. Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program documenting the courses that they have audited. If students decide to extend for a full academic semester or year, they may be eligible to receive course credit.

  • Local Coordinator

    ICES Local Coordinators provide careful supervision and conduct monthly progress reports so parents can monitor progress and make sure their child is taking advantage of all the opportunities of the exchange program. Students will also participate in an extensive Arrival Orientation program with both the ICES Local Coordinator and their host family.

  • Host Families

    Our host families undergo a thorough screening process including criminal background checks, references, in-home interviews and an orientation. They must be approved by the Local Coordinator and receive final approval from the ICES F-1 Academic School Team. Host families are eager to share their American culture and learn about their international student’s country and customs.

  • Visas

    Participants enter the U.S. on either an F-1 or tourist visa, depending on school choice and course load.


Student Requirements

  • Age:   12-18
  • Academics:    Students should have a strong transcript and demonstrate excellent classroom behavior and participation.
  • English Language Skills:    Demonstrate acceptable scores on selected English Proficiency Test. Students should also be comfortable and competent in using English conversationally to follow course work and socialize.
  • Attitude:    The maturity to deal with the inevitable challenges of adapting to another culture and communicating in a foreign language.
  • Intellectual Curiosity:    An open mind toward learning the ins and outs of another culture, such as its social customs, as well as concrete experiences such as food and fun.
  • Adaptability:    A willingness to learn and be open to another culture

What’s Included in Your Program ?

When you apply for the ICES American School Experience program, you get a study abroad experience at an affordable price. Here is what’s included:

  • School enrollment and tuition fees
  • Host family home accommodation, including meals
  • School registration and application fees
  • Arrival orientation
  • Local coordinator supervision and guidance
  • Support from ICES F-1 Academic School Office, including a Student Counselor
  • Monthly student progress reports
  • Medical insurance
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport
  • 24-Hour emergency line