International Student Exchange Programs

Come join the thousands of ICES students who have had an unforgettable experience in America! ICES offers a variety of International Student Exchange Programs. Research all your options to find the perfect program for you, and don’t hesitate to contact our professional team to guide you!


Cultural Exchange Student Programs USA

Year & Semester Programs

J-1 Public High School Program USA

The J-1 program is an affordable 1 year or semester, public school program offered to international students between the ages of 15 and 18.

For an additional program fee you may request to be placed in a certain region or metropolitan area.

ICES works with agencies in many countries who provide students with preparation, English testing and visa assistance.

Trained ICES coordinators place students with pre-screened and carefully selected host families who have a genuine desire to share their American culture.


Academic Student Programs USA

Year & Semester Programs

F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Program USA

Having choices is what the F-1 Academic High School CHOICE Program USA is all about! Whatever your preferences or future plans are, the Choice Program offers the flexibility you have been looking for. Location, subject or sport… We will help you find the right fit for you!

The different program types you can choose from are the following:

F-1 Academic Public High School Program USA
F-1 Academic Private Day School Program USA
F-1 Academic Private Boarding School Program USA

F-1 Academic High School VALUE Program USA

The Value Program is the best option for students with a lower budget that still would like the benefits of the F-1 Academic High School Choice Program, but does not necessarily have the specific requests. This is also a great option if you would like to continue studying and graduating in the USA after a J-1 year.

The Value Program is flexible to students with lower English skills and medical conditions, and students that for some reason cannot apply to the J-1 Cultural Exchange Program could still be very successful on the F-1 Academic Value Program.


F-1 Middle School Program USA

For talented young students who want to experience a new culture and improve their language skills, studying abroad at a younger age can lead to increased fluency and near-native cultural competency. ICES offers international students the opportunity to enroll in American middle schools — sixth through eighth grade — and follow the same curriculum as their American classmates. The Middle School Program is a great opportunity for younger children to experience an American education before making the decision to attend high school in the U.S. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child has an ICES Local Coordinator to lend support and guidance throughout their child’s program.


Short Term Student Programs

American School Experience

Our American School Experience program is a short term version of our F-1 Private High School Exchange Program USA. We offer the opportunity for students to study in an American high school for 1-3 months while living with a host family. The American School Experience program allows flexible enrollment dates throughout the school year.  Students who complete the program can decide to extend or or re-apply for a semester or year F-1 High School Program. Our American School Experience program has many of the benefits of a full year exchange program at a fraction of the cost!


Summer Homestay Program USA

The ICES Summer Homestay Program alternative is an affordable alternative designed for self-motivated, mature students who want to immerse themselves in American culture and the English language over a few summer weeks. Students arrive on a tourist visa and live with an American host family for a period of time that works with their own summer schedule. Organized activities are not offered in this program, we encourage students to create their own experiences by engaging with American students via extra-curricular activities, sports and youth groups. Students with a sincere interest in cultural exchange are encouraged to apply!