High School Volunteer Program
for American Students

Are you a teenager who is curious about other countries and cultures, then the ICES specially designed high school volunteer program for American students is for you. Join us today and become an ICES Global Ambassador! The rewards are awaiting you.


The ICES Exchange Student

The ICES international high school students arrive to the USA right before the start of the fall or spring semester to live with a host family while study at a local high school. Our foreign students are highly motivated and have often been dreaming of this exchange opportunity for years. However, leaving family, friends, school and their culture behind is challenging, and here is where you as a Global Ambassador will step in.

The ICES students are unfamiliar with the American culture (it’s not like what they have seen on TV and film). They are unsure how to get involved, and at an early stage they have no friends to ask for help. And sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone your own age.

The ICES Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors (GAs) are high school students who provide peer support, friendship, and cultural expertise to exchange students living in their community. GAs play a valuable role in helping each student quickly and successfully adapt and integrate into their host culture.

ICES is looking for internationally-minded, responsible high school students who enjoy meeting new people and desire to make a difference in the world by building bridges between cultures. If this sounds like you, read on. . .

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BLOG: American Students Changing the World

Your Benefits as an ICES Global Ambassador

  • Learn about another country and culture.
  • Impact the exchange students in your school and make friends for life.
  • Grow your leadership skills.
  • Make friends from all over the world.
  • Scholarship for ICES Study Abroad program.
  • Community service experience for your transcript or future resume.
  • It’s fun!

Your Basic Responsibilities

  • Establish friendships with exchange students prior to their arrival through social media.
  • Greet exchange students when they arrive to your community.
  • Introduce exchange students to their classmates and help them get involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Assist your Local Coordinator with orientation and student activities.
  • Provide ongoing support to students through regular communication.
  • Communicate regularly with your Local Coordinator. Organize occasional social outings and/or service projects for students in your community.

ICES Global Ambassador Program has a Facebook Page – Check it out!

Is the ICES Global Ambassador Position for Me ?

Program Requirements

  • I enjoy meeting new people and making them feel welcome.
  • I am interested in learning about other countries and cultures.
  • I am a responsible student and willing to demonstrate leadership to my peers.
  • I have a few hours each week to dedicate to a volunteer position.

Submit Your Global Ambassador Application

This is what two ICES students had to say about their Global Ambassador

“She was always there for us, she was an amazing helper, and I knew I could trust her with everything. It was really nice to have her by our side during the amazing experience.”

Natalia, Spain

“She started off being someone I could always rely on and someone who always had my back. As time went by, she turned out to be more than just an ambassador, but a friend. She would plan all sorts of social events like homecoming for instance. And simply having her around was a delight! She truly affected my exchange year for the better!”

Dang, Norway