High School Partnership

ICES prides itself in building strong school, host family, and community relationships. We make a great effort to understand your individual school procedures and expectations to create quality and long-lasting High School student exchange partnerships.


Why Should Your School Work with ICES USA?

We can help you build school enrollment through the I-20 program by providing you with pre-screened international exchange students. Having a strong international student program will not only increase tuition revenue for your school, but will diversify your student body. Our professional team will handle all the administrative tasks and take the headache out of running an international student program. Your staff will not have to deal with tedious correspondence from natural parents, let us handle international phone calls, and follow up emails, as we work directly with our foreign partner overseas on your behalf. Our team of experienced professionals screen host families and supervise the student’s placement, giving your administrators more time to focus on the student’s academic needs. With over 30 years in the industry, ICES is an organization you can trust.


strong relationships

ICES recognizes that strong relationships with our school partners are an integral part of a successful program. We work with each school to define admission criteria and build an international student program that benefits your school. We will always respond quickly to questions and concerns and will provide support during each phase of the process.

Our strong partnerships with oversees agents is an important key to our success. We carefully select agencies we can build trust with and your school benefits from long term partnerships we have maintained for over 25 years.

ICES is a designated J-1 sponsor through the U.S. Department of State. We meet meticulous government regulations that assure our participants have a safe and positive experience. ICES has been a member of the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange ( ALLIANCE) since 1997. We have maintained a full listing with CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) for 30 years.

ICES F-1 School Partner Benefits Include

  • A student placement staff member from the ICES Office that works directly for your school to send pre-screened and highly qualified candidates.
  • Fielding calls and communication from natural parents, giving school staff more time to focus on students.
  • ICES staff will conduct student interviews to help verify students English capabilities.
  • An ICES Local Coordinator to recruit and screen potential host families and conduct in-home interviews.
  • Criminal Background Checks conducted on host family members and Local Coordinators to ensure the saftey of your students.
  • Advance payment of tuition through our U.S. bank so your accounting department does not have to deal with sorting international bank wires.
  • Ane other financial transactions or fees will be scheduled and paid directly by the ICES office, unless your school has another preferred process.
  • Student and Host Family support; our trained Local Coordinators are available to solve problems, handle student disciplinary issues and take care of host family concerns so that your school teachers and counselors can focus on academic support.

Learn About ICES Exchange Programs for American High School Students

ICES Exchange Programs for American Students offer U.S. high school students the same opportunities as our international students have. American students who are ready to embark on their Study Abroad experience may choose the desired program and country right away, while high school students still in the process can learn more about student exchange by becoming a volunteer in our Global Ambassador Program for American High School students.

ICES High School Study Abroad Programs

ICES offers your students the opportunity to study high school abroad with over 25 country choices and 3, 5, or 10 month programs! A high school study abroad program is a life-changing experience, students return more confidant to take on academic, professional and personal challenges. ICES can help your school build a quality high school study abroad program you can offer to your student body.

Learn more about High School Study Abroad

ICES Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador program is a volunteer program for American high school students who are curious and want to learn about other countries and cultures. The Global Ambassadors provide peer support, friendship, and cultural expertise to exchange students living in their community. The Global Ambassadors will play a valuable role in helping each student quickly and successfully adapt and integrate into their host culture.

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