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15, Female Student ID: 208SIGE146JYF Germany

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Hello! My name is Amelie and I am 15 years old. I live in a small town with my parents and my 14-years old brother Benjamin. My parents are there for me any time and I can talk to them about anything. They support me in everything I do. Also my friends support me anyway.

My school is the Gymnasium and I visit the 10th grade. The school provides Grade 5 to 12 (actually we can get high school graduation after 12 years), and there are all in all about 800 students. My favorite school subjects are English, Chemistry and Spanish.

In my free time I like to meet up with my friends or go shopping. I also like to jump on a trampoline in our garden. My favorite hobby is playing tennis. I play tennis for 3 years now with my brother and my friend Luise. My second hobby is scouting. I am a scout for 5 years and I like it a lot. Four times a year, we are on a camp. There we are making a campfire and having a lot of fun.

At weekends I like baking and cooking. I like to decorate my cakes artistically, and my family loves my cakes. Recently I had an internship experience at a known German food business. There I learned facts about industrial baking production and had the opportunity to take part in development and testing of new products.

At home I take care of my rabbit Hoppel. It is 8 years old and it is a cute rabbit. In the evenings I like to read a book or watch TV / streaming services. I use social media not very much: I have no Facebook or Twitter account, but I do use WhatsApp with my friends and Instagram.

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