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15, Female Student ID: 228ICSP125JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

My name is Anna and I am 15 years old, I live in a residential town near Barcelona and next to a natural park, it is a small but very cozy village. Most of my friends in the same area.

I consider myself a very sociable person and I have many friends with whom I like to spend most of my free time, talking, sharing experiences, going shopping.

Several days a week I practice tennis in the sports club where we are enrolled. I am very passionate about dancing and singing.

My favorite hobbies are meeting people and seeing the world traveling, I have been lucky so far so I have been able to travel with my parents to Europe and the United States, living unforgettable experiences, visiting new places and learning about different cultures with their traditions.

I also follow fashion and styles a lot, I like to be fashionable and keep up with the latest trends.

Music is also part of me, I have a type of music according to the occasion and how I want to feel, I have gone to several concerts and it is an unique sensation. I really like reggaeton and techno because it’s very funky music.

I really like the rumba and the party. It is an adrenaline rush. It makes me disconnect from everything and just think about how much fun I’m having.

On Sunday afternoons I always really want to cover myself with my blanket and watch Netflix until I fall asleep on the couch. I recognize that I watch many series, especially on Netflix, of many different themes.

My family is the best I have and they are very special, I have a brother called who likes sports a lot and sometimes I argue with him, but deep down we love each other a lot.

My parents have always been very aware of me, they have given me affection, but they have also given me an education and values, my mother is a little serious and a perfectionist but my father instead likes to do a lot of jokes whom I have fun. I have a great time, but I love both of them equally.

My grandparents live near to me and I often visit them, my other grandmother lives in Barcelona and is very funny, she looks like to my father, my other grandparents live in the same town like me and I visit them frequently, besides my 2 grandmothers are really good cooker. I’m not very good at cooking but I like it.

My favorite season of the year is summer because the days last longer, it’s sunny, and the people are happier. Also in summer we travel and on weekends we go to the beach, sunbathing, tanning, walking and practicing water sports. In summer we always take the opportunity to travel.

I consider that I really like helping my friends and listening, especially listening, my friends tell me their issues and I always try to help them by putting myself in their place.

My cousin is my best friend. I have spent more than half of my time with her; she is one of the people with whom I have lived the most experiences and knows me the most.

With all of the above, I would summarized myself as a sociable, fun, responsible person, eager to live experiences and learn about new cultures, which is why I have signed up for this program.

Thank you very much for reading this letter and for considering me in your house during the next 10 months.

Sure will be more things to tell about me but it could be nice to discover in person.

I am very excited to meet you soon.


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