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15, Male Student ID: 208SPSP088JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Jose, I am 15 years old and I live in Spain. I am a child who likes to laugh a lot, I am usually happy, and I love meeting new people. I have no problems when it comes to relating with new people. I would love to spend next year in the United States because I think it will be an unforgettable experience and that it will make me grow and change a lot, as well as being a great opportunity to meet new friends.

I really like sports, almost any kind of sport, which I do every day, especially basketball. I also like cars very much and I enjoy karting every now and then. Biking is also one of my favorite hobbies. However, one of the things I like most is going out with my friends which I also do almost every day. I also love to travel which I do a lot with my family, for which I am very grateful. With them, I have been to countries such as the United States, China or Vietnam, living very different and exceptional experiences. When we travel, I also enjoy visiting museums from time to time and discovering new places. This last summer we made a trip that I really enjoyed, which consisted on a bike route through cities of the Netherlands with my mother, my stepfather and with two of my stepbrothers. Regarding school, I usually do well, I am good at math and physics, but I like literature a little less. There are also some other things that I don’t like or enjoy quite as much, such as hunting or staying too long at home, for instance.

I am glad to have a very good relationship with my family and my friends and I will miss them very much, but I know that this new experience will be more than worth it. I also wish I could play in a basketball team during my stay in the United States, because is my favorite sport and it is a very important sport there. My father lived for a couple of years in the United States and he has always spoken me very well of his time there, moreover, I also loved it when I went and that is why I am so eager to live this experience that I know that I will never forget, and that it will surely be spectacular.

I would love to be part of your family and I know that when I return, we will stay in touch and that you will always be a part of my family. I hope you feel the same and that we can start this relationship as soon as possible.

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