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16, Male Student ID: 208SIGE212JYM Germany

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Are you surprised getting a letter from someone you simply do not know? A young man from distant Germany?

Let me change this a little bit: I am Lorenz, and I am 16 years old. I live with my parents in a nice little house in a small town in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.

I feel the best way to give you an idea of who I am is to tell you what I do during a week. On Mondays, my School starts rather late at 10 a. m. After school I go to the Youth Centre. I often go there to help younger kids to make their homework, to play with them or to help them whenever they are having some trouble. In the evening I mostly have dinner with my parents at home. After school on Tuesday, I spent some time at our School Dance Club where we learn some classic dances like cha-cha-cha, disco fox or tango. At the evening I have soccer training with my team at the local sports club. Wednesday is nice: my Mom and I spent some lovely time at the beautiful historical city slightly bigger than my hometown and just ten miles away. School is ending very late at four p.m. on Thursday. In the evening I often practice at the gym. On Friday I meet some of my friends at the Youth Centre. We cook some tasty meals, play table tennis and just have some great time with younger kids who take this hub as kind of their second home. I work there as a youth leader even. I had to qualify for that position in a special course where I learned how to handle different situations. Finally, on Saturday and Sunday, I go to the gym again and do some homework and practice for school. I also meet my friends to have some fun.

Since 2 months I have a job, where I can work in free time, it is a warehouse for an online shop, where I have to sort different plants and seeds. I am a trainee at a local pyrotechnics company, so sometimes I have the opportunity to help them with big fireworks.

From my point music is also a very nice chance to get to know other persons, and their style, so I hear music in very different genres, I like a band called “Seeed”, I already visited 2 of their concerts, I also love the German musician “Alligatoah” , because his lyrics remind me to over think about different topics a second time. And I’m also impressed by the quantity of the instruments he`s playing.

My family is great. I feel we are very close. They would probably do everything for me as I would for them! My sister’s name is Anna. She is in her twenties and works as an event manager. My mom is a head nurse at a hospital while my dad is a qualified installer for heaters and sanitary facilities. And, last but not least, there is Fred. He`s my cat. Sometimes, Fred is a bit of a fighter, but mostly he is a very cute cat.

But back to me: I guess you would like to know whether I have some special interests and hobbies. Yes, I have quite a few and quite different ones! I am interested in soccer, American football, cooking, politics and economy. I even have some interest in quantum physics and rhethoric skills and techniques.

As I feel it is a bit difficult to describe myself I asked my friends what they consider typical for me. Well, they told me that my handwriting is not the most beautiful. But after all, they say that I am supportive, helpful, motivated, creative and friendly guy. I agree especially to their point that I can easily build up and maintain relations and friendships that last for long.

Well, after I gave you some first idea of who I am, I would be truly glad to meet you and to introduce myself to you in person soon.

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