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15, Female Student ID: 208USSP033JYF Spain

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Horseback Riding
Skiing or Snowboarding


My name is Maria, I am 14 years old and I am from Spain. I am very responsible and I consider myself as sociable person that is amusing an empathetic. I live in a city located in the north of the Basque Country. I live there with my older brother Fernando, who is very funny and my parents who are both lawyers. I have a big family and despite the fact that, part of my relatives live far away from my city, we go on summer vacation all together to Andalucia, the south of Spain. Most of my cousins are older than me and we try to do many activities all together, such as: going to the cars, to the theme park or playing games. Also, my grandparents are very important in my life, as they have taught me everything I know. Lately, I have been going to their house twice a week.

I have tried many sport, but I am keen on padel, acrobatics and I would like to try doing cheerleading as I see it very interesting. Moreover, in the winter I go skiing with my family. I also go to the cinema to see terror movies which are my favourite, but I like better the series. Actually, my favourite series are Riverdale and Cheer. Apart from that, I love spending time with my friends as I always have fun with them. We usually cook, go to take photos or we stay in the park talking.

I love listening to music, singing and dancing. I have been in many concerts with my family. The last year I went to see the Billie Eilish tour as she was my favourite singer, however, nowadays is Harry Styles.

Another hobby I have, is traveling with friends or my family. We have been in many countries, for example: United States, Italy, Czech Republic… but my favourite place was Key West. We went there last summer and I is the most beautiful city I have ever seen.

Going to United States to study has always been my dream, the culture, the people and the food are simply incredible. Also, I have many friends who have gone and they said they have had the time of their lives and I want too.

Hope I see you soon

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