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Hi, my name is Santiago and I hope to go to live and study in US next year.

I live in Spain with my Mom, Dad and my two little sisters. We live in a condominium. We have a nice terrace as we live in the last floor of the building so it is the attic. My school is really close to my house. I could even walk. Normally my parents take me to school and I go back to my house in metro. Due to COVID, I now attend school every other day and the days I do not go to school, I have to connect to on-line classes.

I love to play different sports, especially outdoor sports. Right now, I play rugby and paddle. I have played rugby since I was ten years old and I practice this sport in a neighborhood team and we used to have the games every Saturday. Right now, we don’t have the games and we only play rugby without physical contact. I miss having the games. In respect to paddle, I have played this sport since I was eleven years old with my school friends. Paddle is not a very known sport in the US. It is really similar to tennis but we play it in a smaller court, the rules are the same as tennis but the raquet is also smaller. I also have a paddle court in my house so sometimes I meet with my friend to play a little bit. It is a very famous sport in Spain. I will love to play American football there as it is very similar to rugby and I always see this in all movies.

In the holidays all the years my family and I we go to our village in the north of Spain that there we have a house near the beach were spend many time there, for me is my second house.

I´m very excited to going next year to USA to a new place to visit new things that I never saw it, I think that it is a very important year that I would never forgot it were I would have and opportunity to meet a different environment different from Spain.

I already visited US. I went to San Diego and California where we visited universal studios and I also went to a summer camp in Sea World, in enjoy it very much because I like the aquarium and all related with the sea. I wish is next year to visit US and stay there one year


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