About a year ago I made a big decision…

“About a year ago I made a big decision”


Lenka1I decided to leave Slovakia and come to the United States for a new experience and to learn English.  The only thing I didn’t know was that I would find a new life, friends and family here.

The beginning of year was awesome.  My host family made plans for me every day. After relaxing finally I had to start my first day in my American high school and first volleyball practice.  I couldn’t believe I would ever be excited and nervous about first day in school again.  Teachers and classmates were so nice and the nervousness went away very quick.  It took me about two weeks to understand the school system, but the system here is very easy and you can get settled in very quick.


I have never played any sports back in Slovakia before, but I wanted to try some new sports and have the experience.

And now after volleyball season, I miss it a lot.  I started to practice with my host sister at our church and after we joined a team.  I found so many friends there which was very important for me in my first months.  We had our songs to sing and dance, we helped each other and they made my first months here awesome!  It was pretty much a busy season but I liked it.  I loved practices because I didn’t have to think about school or my home country.  I really enjoyed it.  And I’m glad that I decided to play volleyball and have this experience.  In spring, I started to do track and sometimes I have a hard time there but I enjoyed it too.  I made another bunch of friendships and we had so much fun.  I love when I can go somewhere and recognize new places, people and that’s why I’m sad when I have to think about leaving.

The end of this year is coming to the finish line and I’m trying to enjoy every single day here.

I’m so thankful for my amazing host family, especially my host sister who has become my best American friend.  They are helping me a lot and I don’t know what I would do without them.  So now, let’s rock and roll to the prom and graduation…

Lenka from Slovakia
ICES student living with the Walker family, West Virginia


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