Having a sister

Having a sister


With my American host family I gained something I thought I would never have – a sister. Back in my country it was only me and my younger brother and I’ve always wanted to know what is “sisterhood“ like. This little dream came true as I joined the Bennet’s family.

First of all, we were sharing a room, which was probably slightly challenging for both of us, as we both had just a brother that definitely didn’t share a room with us. Sometimes troubles occured – I will always remember how I almost killed Addy’s fish, because I switched of the bubbly thing in the fish tank for night. Or when her “killer” cat, that for some reason hates me, moved at night from her bed to mine trying to kill me every time I moved. That night Addy got up and simply grabbed the cat and threw it out of the room – after I spent several hours with no sleep frightened by that animal. Definitely one of the most funny things that has ever happened in our room.

After some time we figured out how to actually organize our alarm clocks, mornings and going to bed. It’s really cool to have someone to talk before you go to sleep, even though you are sometimes talking about the most stupid things ever. I think we talk about everything – school, friends, guys… just everything. We do a movie maratones and then spend the rest of the night talking about how stupid all of the movies were.

I’ve always wonder what is sister like. Now I know. It’s like a good friend that lives in the same house. Someone who you can rely on although you often fight (Phrases like “I’ll cut your hair” are spoken very often). Someone who you always hold on to at family reunions, because it’s too scary for me as an exchange student to talk to other people and someone who just randomly bakes brownies at midnight, so the two of us had something to eat with the movie.

Having a sister is great and I’m sure I will miss her terribly, when I leave back home.


Lucie 🇨🇿
exchange student from the Czech Republic
living with the Bennett family in Malad City, Idaho


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