“I absolutely love my host family”

“I absolutely love my host family”


My name is Signe, I am from Denmark and I am spending an exchange year in Minnesota.

I live here in Farmington with my host family, The Sanborn´s. My host family are consisting of my host parents, my host sister and 3 host brothers. I absolutely love my host family. They are like a second family to me, and they have from the start treated me like a member of the family.

I am now halfway through the program and I have already had a lot of awesome memories with my host family. Not only have we been in Wisconsin several times, cause my host family of from there, but they have been showing me a lot of Minnesota. Not just traveling, but showing me daily American foods and things that I will never forget.

I am really living the American life.

My school over here is huge, with almost more than 2500 people. Back in Denmark, I went on a school with only 300 people, so school over here was a huge change for me. I clearly remember the first day. I was so nervous. I was really lucky, because my host sister goes to the same school as me, which really helped me. School in America is the opposite of my school in Denmark. The first week will be the scariest thing ever at first, but after you get used to it, you will have the time of your life.

One of the things that I was really excited about was Homecoming. I had all of these ideas and expectations about how it would. Some things did not go with my expectation, but other things like dressing up and the actual dance for sure did. It was an amazing night with people that I will never forget.

A big part of my time goes with cheerleading right now. I am on the winter cheerleader team, where we every Tuesday and Friday cheer for the school’s basketball, both boys and girls teams. I absolutely love it. I am going to miss my cheer girls so much. They have truly showed me, what real high school spirit is and I will leave with a bunch of memories to take home with me. I´m going to miss wearing my tiger cheer uniform, cheering my lungs out at the basketball games and just seeing the girls every day.

When I first came to Minnesota, I got invited on a trip to South Dakota and Wyoming with another exchange student Norway and her host family. It was one of the most amazing trips of my life. There was the most beautiful nature that I would never have believed existed. I saw the famous Mount Rushmore, which was a dream come true. We also drove at the black hills, which was a crazy long road. And at last we saw things like, the Devils Tower in Wyoming and craves from hundreds of years ago.

I now only have almost 3 months left, and can’t believe, that my exchange year is almost over. I wish I could stay here forever. My year has been the year of my life, and I have got to meet so unbelievably many people, that I know will be friends and family for life.

exchange student from Denmark
living with the Sanborn Family in Minnesota


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