“I am so grateful for this opportunity …”

“I am so grateful for this opportunity …”


On our yearly incentive trip with ICES in Belgium, I was very lucky to meet up with two of my very first students when I was a Local Coordinator for them. These two young lady’s showed us around for the day in Bruges.

My husband (and local coordinator) Tim and I had a wonderful lunch and toured this beautiful little city with them.

I am so grateful for this opportunity for working with ICES. It has brought so many friendships around the world for me that I will cherish forever.

Catching up on these girls was delightful. Sylvia is studying to become a Lawyer and will graduate this year from university. Phedra is a web designer, and also will be graduating.

I continue to keep in touch with all my students around the world! Travel has always been my passion and I will continue this amazing journey.


Lisa Book
ICES Regional Director, California


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